New Amsterdam return date: When does show come on TV for Season 1 episode 10?

New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam is returning to NBC in January. Pic credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

New Amsterdam had its fall season finale last night and after just 9 episodes during this first season, viewers are clearly hooked on this new medical drama. Viewers are already asking when the show is expected to return, as the show ended with a rather big mystery on last night’s finale.

During the final episode, Dr. Max Goodwin grabs his throat as if he can’t breathe. His wife comes to his rescue, yelling for someone to come help them. While the question for some is whether he survives or not, Monsters and Critics can reveal that he does indeed survive.

The role of Max is actually inspired by the real Dr. Eric Manheimer, who tried to run the Bellevue hospital in New York. He was working full-time, and treating his cancer in the mornings before work and at night. He would eventually collapse, which is what the fall season finale was all about.

But there are plenty of other questions that viewers want answers to.

One of the big mysteries is about Dr. Sharpe. Could she find love and find a balance between her career and her personal life? This is one of the more positive storylines we can look forward to.

While we already know that Max has cancer, it’s possible that New Amsterdam will deviate slightly from the real story. The storyline could really go anywhere with this, including more ups and downs with his treatment.

Dr. Lauren Bloom is another interesting character with a big problem. With her Adderall use, she may soon crash and burn. She pops pills to avoid sleeping, and one can imagine that could get her in lots of trouble, and possibly even kill a patient by accident.

There’s also the issue of Vijay Kapoor, who is a brilliant man at work but a horrible man at home. He’s been trying to reconnect with his son throughout the season. When he learns that his sober-adult son is ready to reconnect, he’s hesitating. Hopefully, he can overcome his demons and make peace with his son in the upcoming episodes.

New Amsterdam returns Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at 10/9c.

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