Netflix’s Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up Comes Back for Season 2

Girls Incarcerated
Girls Incarcerated is back for a second season. Pic credit: Netflix.

Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up has returned for its sophomore season. And those who appreciated the first season will likely be drawn to the second.

The show itself takes on a documentary format, meaning there isn’t much of a show arc, nor is there a cliffhanger from last season to make you wonder what’s going to happen this time.

Still, the series shows what it’s like for America’s youngest female offenders, as the teenage girls live out their sentences as LaPorte in Indiana.

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Since the girls serve such short sentences (they mention one girl’s year-long sentence as an outlier), there are no returning cast members from last season, apart from the COs.

Unfortunately, that also means they don’t necessarily update the audience as to what happened with the previous “inmates” and what they’re up to now.

A young offender learns her mother is in jail
A young offender learns her mother is in jail. Pic credit: Netflix.

However, we do see a candid sneak peek into the lives of some of the most vulnerable youths. From their successes, such as graduating high school through the correctional facility’s program, to their lows, such as multiple girls having their parents arrested during their own incarceration, we see it all.

The major difference from last season is that the correctional facility has physically moved locations, drastically reducing their population. They still have the tiered system and tiered uniforms, but the girls must all sleep bunk bed style in an open dormitory.

To promote exceptional behavior, girls who behave well get access to a more private dormitory.

But because the population was drastically reduced, going from over 150 to less than 40 young women, only those who have serious offenses are housed there.

This lineup gives the audience unique insight into the lives of the country’s youngest gang bangers, murderers, drug dealers, and other offenders.

If you’re a fan of prison shows, this one will definitely capture your attention. And if you loved the first season, the second one will be right up your alley.

Catch the whole thing on Netflix, streaming now.

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