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Netflix’s Beats soundtrack: All the songs in the movie

Netflix's Beats
Netflix’s Beats features a diverse soundtrack. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Beats, directed by Chris Robinson (The New Edition Story), with an original screenplay by Miles Orion Feldsott, features a rich and diverse soundtrack that includes songs by both well-known hip-hop artists and new works by young aspiring artists.

Beats, which dropped on Netflix on Wednesday, tells the story of the relationship between 17-year-old August Monroe (Khalil Everage), an emotionally disturbed hip-hop prodigy from the South Side, and Romelo Reese (Anthony Anderson), a disgraced producer forced to work as a school security guard to pay his bills.

Monroe, who is deeply traumatized by the murder of his sister Kari (Megan Sousa), finds a mentor in Romelo. They team up to confront the demons of their past together as August, weighed down by crippling anxiety, struggles to fulfill his promise as a hip-hop artist.

August helps him break into Chicago’s crowded and highly competitive music scene.

The coming-of-age movie film stars new faces such as Khalil Everage, alongside established names such as Anthony Anderson (Black-ish) and Emmy-winner Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black).

Beats also features original music by up-and-coming hip-hop artists such as Tobi Lou, Young Chop, and Z Money, and better-known artists such as Valee, Dave East and Dreezy.

The soundtrack also includes original tracks for the movie, such Kari’s Song (Long Way Home) by HappyBirthdayCalvin and Niyah’s Song (Whole Lotta Love) by Tobi Lou and Dreezy.

If you want to know more about the songs and the artists behind them, here is a complete list. And if you haven’t seen the movie and have been wondering what to expect, sample the list below to whet your appetite:

1. Womp Womp: Valee

2. Afrocubrazil: Nomad

3. Cannon: August Beat #1

4. Red Light Green Light: Knitwit. ft. KR Tha Starr

5. 00 Pressure (Rough): Z Money

6. Jungle: Albee

7. Life Worth Living: Rose Royce

8. Niyah’s Song (Whole Lotta Love): Tobi Lou and Dreezy

9. Chop 22 (Remembrance): Young Chop

10. Apache: Incredible Bongo Band

11. Orce: Jairus Mozee

12. I Need You: Joe C. Ryan III

13. No Cap: Melvo Bandz

14. Kari’s Song (Long Way Home): HappyBirthdayCalvin

15. Lounar: Tobi Lou

16. Queen Cabrini Freestyle: Dreezy

17. Gonna Be What It’s Gonna Be: O-M

18. Blue Racks: Nikkie Bandz

19. Stampede: Vox

20. When You Need Me: Hendrix

Stream Beats now on Netflix.

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