NCIS renewal called ‘a sure thing’ for Season 21

Gary Cole In Hollywood
Gary Cole now plays Alden Parker on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

NCIS Season 20 is doing very well in the ratings, but CBS has not yet announced renewing the show.

Following the network cancellation of NCIS: Los Angeles, though, questions have come up about the franchise’s future.

The good news is that millions of viewers keep tuning in each week to watch new episodes of NCIS, leading to a lot of positive conjecture about Season 21.

A report from TV Line claims that “Season 21 renewal is a sure thing” for NCIS. That should make fans very happy.

NCIS Season 21 is expected to start airing episodes in the Fall of 2023, with a full order of 24 or 25 episodes for the television season.

It may be a bit longer until CBS makes an official announcement about ordering a new season of NCIS. That’s typically expected for most shows this far in their respective runs.

NCIS Season 20 rolls on

There are still a lot of new episodes left to debut in NCIS Season 20. So far, only 12 have debuted, with all available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS has been on another brief hiatus, with a return coming up that features someone who has appeared on the show before. This is an actress who played a different role the first time around.

News from the NCISVerse

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly is growing a mustache, and he shared an updated image recently. He also noted that not everyone has been on board with his choice to grow the stache.

Over at NCIS: LA, the writers are still hard at work putting together new content before the series finale arrives this spring. They have been afforded enough time to do it just right.

Coming up, Admiral Kilbride’s ex-wife will be featured, with the show bringing in a famous actress from Taxi to take on the job. She should be a perfect addition to the NCIS: LA cast.

That’s not all, either, as the estranged son of Admiral Kilbride is also set to debut, with another actor added to the cast to play that dramatic role.

Along with new episodes of NCIS beginning again on Monday night (February 6), it also marks the return of NCIS: Hawai’i. The big crossover event helped spur interest in the Hawai’i-based spin-off, and for viewers looking to catch up on that show, Paramount+ is the place to go for streaming.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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