NCIS cast brings back Tania Raymonde for a new episode

Tania Raymonde Red Carpet
Tania Raymonde will be an important part of NCIS Season 20, Episode 13. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

The NCIS cast will soon feature Tania Raymonde again, as she is returning to the show as a new character.

It was way back in Season 2 that Tania first appeared on NCIS when she played Anna Real on an episode called An Eye for an Eye.

Roughly 18 years later, the production team has tapped Tania to come back, but she is playing a much different person this time around.

“In preparation for a role, a world-renowned actress (Tania Raymonde) shadows the NCIS team as they investigate a decapitation case,” reads the NCIS synopsis for Season 20, Episode 13.

This new episode of the show will debut on February 6, marking the first new installment following the Agent Sawyer undercover drama.

Having a celebrity shadowing the team could lead to some interesting moments, even if the premise itself sounds like something that has been done before.

Who is Tania Raymonde on the NCIS cast?

On the episode of NCIS called Evil Eye, Tania is going to be playing Chloe Marlene.

Tania has also been involved in a lot of other projects over the years, including playing a recurring character on the Billy Bob Thornton show, Goliath.

On that show, she played Brittany Gold and received credit for appearing in 31 episodes.

Other roles that Tania has played include Valerie Raymond in four episodes of The Last Ship, Sonia in three episodes of 90210, and Officer Carla Rinaldi in 12 episodes of Death Valley.

More news from the world of NCIS

The biggest news from the NCISVerse is that CBS has canceled NCIS: Los Angeles. The long-running spin-off is now coming to an end this spring, with the show joining NCIS: New Orleans on the chopping block.

Following the cancellation news, members of the NCIS: LA cast shared their reactions, some of whom seemed to be really shocked at the news. It is expected that they will speak more about what has happened when reality starts to set in.

Star Chris O’Donnell even returned to social media to thank the fans who have stuck with the show for all of this time.

The show isn’t done yet, though, with a lot of new episodes left to debut before they sign off in May of 2023.

For fans who need to catch up on episodes from any of the NCIS programs, everything that has debuted is available for streaming on Paramount+. That’s a great way for people to get back into NCIS: LA before the doors are closed.

Paramount+ also has the first episode featuring Tania Raymonde available for streaming, and that was NCIS Season 2, Episode 17.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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