NCIS: Los Angeles canceled after 14 seasons

LL Cool J Red Carpet
LL Cool J has starred as Sam Hanna on the NCIS: LA cast for years. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

NCIS: Los Angeles is coming to an end this spring.

The sad news from the world of NCIS just came out that reveals Season 14 is the end of the line for the team from L.A.

The good news, though, is that the writers and stars of the show have enough lead time to end it all on the right note.

NCIS: LA was a spin-off that came from NCIS, which was itself a spin-off from JAG. It helped spawn additional shows in New Orleans and Hawai’i.

Now, after nearly 15 years on the air, the curtains are about to be drawn on the hit CBS drama.

According to Deadline, the full NCIS: LA run will end at 322 episodes, making it one of the longest-running scripted shows that CBS has had.

When does NCIS: Los Angeles come to an end?

The series finale for NCIS: LA has been scheduled for Sunday, May 14, showing that there is a lot of time to roll out interesting new episodes before the big ending.

As the date gets closer, fans should definitely expect to start seeing some hints about what will be covered during those final episodes. It’s also safe to assume that CBS is going to start rolling out additional commercials to get viewers to tune in for the final season.

And in regard to its place in history, only a few primetime scripted shows have lasted longer on CBS, and that list includes Gunsmoke, Lassie, CSI, and Criminal Minds. In total episodes, they are also behind NCIS, but Season 20 of that show is still airing on Monday nights.

What’s ahead on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Already, some fun news has come out about a veteran actress joining the NCIS: LA cast. She will be playing the ex-wife of Admiral Kilbride, and this is certainly someone who can hold their own with him.

NCIS fans may not get to see another Los Angeles crossover, but the updated ratings from the January 2023 one that just took place were extremely impressive.

There could be a lot of theories about NCIS: LA being doomed with its late Sunday night timeslot, but the network really wanted to give other shows the prime slots on other nights. Tuesdays even got cleared out completely for three FBI shows.

Even though the end is now at hand for NCIS: LA, past episodes of the show are still going to be available for streaming on Paramount+. That’s a great place for fans to catch up on or re-watch earlier episodes from Season 14 as the countdown to the series finale begins.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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19 days ago

Being a Star Trek fan for 56 years this brings to mind the Series Finale of Star Trek The Next Generation. Its title was, “All Good Things” and we all know the rest of the saying, “Must Come to an End”. Such is true of many things in our lives. And time for the actors, crews and us to move on to other things of interest.

Kris Munroe
Kris Munroe
18 days ago

Both the original Dallas and Knots Landing aired on CBS for the same number of seasons but had more episodes.

Dona Moore
Dona Moore
17 days ago

Disgusted with CBS

16 days ago

Cbs must have new manager between canceling magnum which I will watch on nbc also New Orleans good show and now ncis la give up I hope cbs goes down the tunbes

Keep my NCIS LA
Keep my NCIS LA
8 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I figure the eye network just wants to field another reality tv piece of garbage! That’s where everyone else seems to be going.