NCIS: Los Angeles casts adds new actor to play Kilbride’s son

Christopher Gorham Red Carpet
Christopher Gorham has joined the NCIS: LA cast for Season 14 content. Pic credit: ©

The NCIS: Los Angeles cast has been joined by a new actor who will appear as the son of retired Admiral Hollace Kilbride.

This is a character who has been referenced in the past, but Kilbride’s son Alex has been estranged for a while now.

Recently, it was also revealed that Marilu Henner has joined NCIS: LA as Kilbride’s ex-wife, with the actress slated to debut on the February 26 episode.

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According to TV Insider, this is going to be “a rocky reunion” for Kilbride and his son.

It may be a bit surprising to some fans that people are joining the cast after NCIS: LA got canceled by CBS.

The good news amidst everything is that the producers are still putting together new episodes, with a lot of new content left to debut before the series finale.

Who plays Kilbride’s son on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Actor Christopher Gorham has been cast as Kilbride’s estranged son Alex, with his appearance on the show to arrive in the spring.

Gorham has been acting for a while, popping up as a guest star on a lot of shows and serving as a supporting character on many others.

His most recent long-term stint was on The Lincoln Lawyer as Trevor Elliott, but he may look a little different when he surfaces on the upcoming episode of NCIS: LA.

Before that, Gorham played Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs, Henry Grubstick on Ugly Betty, and Bobby on 2 Broke Girls.

Now, the veteran actor comes to the world of NCIS, and he will likely have a big impact.

More news from NCIS

After the news broke that NCIS: LA had been canceled, cast members shared their reactions. It appeared that a few of them were really surprised about what had transpired.

Recently, Chris O’Donnell also thanked the NCIS: LA fans for sticking with the show for so long. This was a rare appearance for him on social media, as he typically keeps his life pretty private.

Over on NCIS, the show is about to return and it is bringing back an actress from the past. Even though fans might recognize her again, she is playing a different part this time.

The breaks between new episodes have been hard for some fans to take this winter, but all previous episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+. That’s where NCIS: LA fans can go to catch up on the show or to re-watch earlier content from Season 14.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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