NCIS: Los Angeles still filming new episodes

Marilu Henner Red Carpet
Marilu Henner has joined the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for upcoming content. Pic credit: ©

NCIS: Los Angeles may have been canceled by CBS, but the cast and crew are still hard at work on Season 14.

The current season of NCIS: LA will be the final one for the drama, with the series finale set to arrive in May of 2023.

Ahead of that end date, though, there is a lot of time to tell some new stories and introduce characters that have only been referenced in the past.

The show has also been on a long winter hiatus, but CBS revealed that the return date is coming up later in February.

Up soon, Marilu Henner will debut as the ex-wife of Admiral Kilbride. Marilu was one of the stars of Taxi, so long-time television viewers will be quick to recognize her when she joins the NCISVerse.

Kilbride has referenced his family in the past, mostly in conversations with Marty Deeks. Now those chats are going to pay off with some interesting backstories for the admiral.

More NCIS: Los Angeles episodes coming soon

Following that sub-story about Kilbride’s family, a new actor has joined NCIS: LA as his son. That character will not appear in the same episode as the ex-wife, but Alex (Kilbride’s estranged son) will debut in an episode this spring.

Many NCIS: LA fans are also hoping that as the show starts to wrap things up that it also brings back some characters from the past. Hetty Lange, Nell Jones, and Eric Beale are at the top of that list of “wants” before the show ends.

More news from the NCISVerse

A new report states that NCIS Season 21 is “a sure thing” at CBS, so that should come as great news to fans of the franchise. It won’t bring back the Los Angeles or New Orleans spin-offs, but it will keep the primary show airing on Monday nights.

Likewise, good ratings in the 10/9c timeslot on Mondays should lead to NCIS: Hawai’i getting a renewal notice pretty soon.

It was also revealed that the actor who played Agent Tony DiNozzo on the show is growing out his mustache. Michael Weatherly took to social media to share an image and also note that not everyone likes his stache.

Rumors continue floating around about Weatherly reappearing on the show again, even though nothing has been confirmed by the NCIS producers. Only time will tell on that subject.

While fans wait for NCIS: Los Angeles to continue rolling out new episodes, everything that has already debuted is available for streaming on Paramount+.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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