Woman tormented by spirit and Nazi ghost out for payback on A Haunting

A Haunting
A Haunting tells the story of a woman whose nightmares start to take over her life

On this week’s A Haunting, a Nazi soldier is out for vengeance and a woman is consumed by a spirit that tormented her as a child.

A Nazi soldier is out for revenge over his death and wreaks havoc on the lives of a couple who have done nothing wrong.

They try to make peace with this restless and angry ghost, but can a ghost ever come to terms with it’s death?

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In the second episode a woman was terrorised by a spirt as a child but now, years later, it has returned to menace her family.

Watch A Haunting – Back From the Dead: Ghosts of War at 8 PM and Living Nightmare at 9 PM  and on TLC.

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