Nate Boyer surprised with classic old bread truck in exclusive Gear Dogs clip

Nate Boyer
Nate is stoked to work on a classic old bread truck with Fabian in a flip on Gear Dogs

Discovery Channel’s Gear Dogs takes a nostalgic last century detour this week when Nate Boyer works on a vehicle that delivered milk and bread to many American doors.

Boyer, the owner of hot-rod and resto-mod car shop Kultured Customs, cuts a sweet deal for a historic old stepvan that his friend Fabian brings to him for a partnership.

Instead of delivering Nate a Pontiac Bonneville like he was supposed to, Fabian and Amy surprise Nate with a 1948 bread truck.

Fabian rolls up with an old ambulance stepvan and says: “I found a 1948 GMC double-duty stepvan and I figured if he didn’t want to work on the Pontiac could be a nice candidate for the doghouse.”

These trucks were the de facto mode for delivering milk bread and goods to every neighborhood in America starting around the late 1930s.

Nate checks out the rear design of the vehicle which made deliveries easy for the driver

Made with easy access between the front and back of the van, they became popular as milk and bread trucks, bookmobiles
and ambulances.

Despite the eleventh hour switcheroo, Nate is stoked on the surprise.

He says: “I was definitely excited to see a bread truck roll in with Amy and Fabian it wasn’t what I expected but it’s a game changer. I’ve always had a love for bread trucks.”

But Nate is not sure what the van is worth.

He says: “Before I go in [with Fabian], I’ve got to run the numbers.”  Nate proposes a deal with Fabian to turn the van into a financial windfall.

Nate says to Fabian: “You can do brake lines and all that stuff right? You want to flip this… I want to work on it. I’ll provide the place, the tools, and I will take 25% of the flip.”

Fabian agrees, and it’s a go!

Make sure to turn in tonight to see what Nate does to this classic American stepvan.

Gear Dogs airs Monday at 10pm on Discovery.

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