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Nancy Grace screams when she hears Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson brought up on Steve Harvey Show

Nancy cannot hide her disgust as O.J. Simpson’s name is mentioned

Outspoken legal commentator Nancy Grace unleashes on the Steve Harvey Show today — when he brings up two of America’s most infamous legal cases and personalities: O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony.

Watch a clip below as Harvey tells the former attorney some news about Anthony, the infamous Florida woman found not guilty over the strange and troubling death of her two-year-old daughter.

Grace spent years going after Anderson on her TV series, and just the mere mention of her name makes Nancy scream out loud.

Anthony recently told the Associated Press: “I don’t give a s*** about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” adding: “I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.”

Grace said: “She doesn’t want to know what the public thinks of her.”

The topics go from bad to worse as Harvey brings up O.J. Simpson.

Expressing even more extreme disgust, Nancy Grace says: “That’s blood money,” as Harvey tells her O.J. is poised to be America’s next reality TV star.

Citing Florida’s lax laws for felons and crooks who are allowed to keep their mansions and pensions despite claims, liens, and lawsuits, she says: “They say he’s got it good because he moved to Florida.”

Grace was apoplectic as she agreed that Hollywood “doesn’t care” about O.J.’s reputation and wants to make a killing in ad sales for the show.

She said: “It’s like looking at a trainwreck, they’re [Hollywood] gonna make a lot of money.”

After Harvey mused O.J. was going to have to stand before a new heavenly jury and judge, Grace added: “It’s enough for me to live my own life and keep it straight much less be worried about what’s gonna happen to O.J. Simpson after he dies.”

Grace’s new movie, Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder with Love, airs this Sunday, April 9, on the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel.

Steve Harvey airs weekdays. Check local listings or go to for time and channels.

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