Namaste, mudderfluckers: Lady Dynamite is back with hilarious tease for Season 2

Maria Bamford
Maria Bamford is back on Netflix with Season 2 of Lady Dynamite

Best news of the week: Lady Dynamite’s long-awaited second season is set to arrive on Netflix November 10.

Comedian Maria Bamford’s wild inner life and external influencers are back. Her love interest with Scott (standout player Olafur Darri Olafsson) may or may not pan out.

But what does seem to work, based on the teaser clip, is the promise that Maria’s killer agent Karen Grisham (Ana Gasteyer) may have sold a TV series for Maria…to an online internet streaming overlord!

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Ana Gasteyer
Ana Gasteyer’s Karen Grisham is the secret sauce of hilarity in Lady Dynamite

This season may be the big win that Maria really needed.

Her acting work and personal life may dovetail for an awesome run of success — or maybe not.

Either way, the adventure, with Bamford’s sly style of comedic acting and writing, will be a welcome addition to the fall TV slate.

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Maria’s childhood lessons on love will inform her new and exciting path of sustaining a relationship, domestic life with her beloved pugs, and a brand new lease on her showbusiness life on a streaming network that (may or may not) be owned by Elon Musk.

Joining the cast once again are Fred Melamed (Bruce Ben Bacharach), Mary Kay Place and Ed Begley, Jr. (Marilyn and Joel Bamford), and Mo Collins (Susan).

Lady Dynamite returns for Season 2 November 10 on Netflix.

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