MythBusters: The Search asks: Does alcohol make you more creative?

MythBusters: The Search
MythBusters: The Search has the candidates test new myths every week

This week on MythBusters: The Search, the team look into whether alcohol really does you make you more creative and if you can paint with explosives.

Many an actor poet, writer and musician has struggled with alcohol or even seemingly had their creativity fueled by it. On the surface it certainly seems to have worked for many, but could it be that their alcohol use is a symptom of their troubled lives just as their creativity is?

The team has to try and work out if it really does help, but how do you test something like that?

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Also on this episode, can you paint with some explosives?

Last week they tried to re-create the sideways ejector seat from the Fast and Furious movies and tested whether a deflated football really was easier to catch.

If you’ve not seen this new series yet, it’s a bit different from the original. This season they have taken ten potential Mythbusters and each week they put them through their paces testing out all-new myths.

Every week there is a team event and an individual challenge, the idea being that by the end of the season there will be some brand new presenters to carry on the Mythbuster flame.

Watch MythBusters: The Search at 9:00 PM on Science Channel.

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