My Little Pony: The Complete Series DVD Review

The cover of the My Little Pony Complete Series
The cover of the My Little Pony Complete Series DVD

For those that are fans of this classic show, My Little Pony comes to DVD as a complete series. This set includes all 65 episodes of the original show on four discs and is sure to please any fan. For those ‘80s kids who are now parents, this is the perfect opportunity to show their little kids the Little Pony world.

The Flutter Ponies must fight the elements that attack their land which include but not limited to evil witches, Stone Backs, and goblins. The ponies and their friends, of course, are the good and must fight the evil. Classic ‘80s animation is part of the fun as well as the nostalgia value. The songs and over-the-top bad witches and other creatures will make you smile (or cringe, if you weren’t a fan as a kid).

The premise is this: Ponyland is a mystical land, home to all kinds of magical creatures and Ponies make their home in Paradise Estate. They live a peaceful life filled with song and games and happiness. However, not all of the creatures of Ponyland are so benevolent, and the Little Ponies will, as a source of conflict (it’s no fun watching peace and happiness every episode) find themselves having to fight for survival against the witches and creatures that want to see happiness and love (and basically the Ponies) ruined.

Animated in an array of ‘80s bright colors (which some might find nauseating) the episodes tend to move clumsily along. Watching as an adult, I can see that the show (as with most shows of the time) was made and produced to move the toy line off of store shelves. Well, that probably worked, as I am sure that this show has a cult following and of course that is the value of nostalgia coming into play.
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As I watched this with my daughter, I took note of the very short episodes! I told her we could watch two episodes and then go out and play. Those episodes were finished before I had even sat down with my coffee. This is all time related, as this show was built around Saturday morning scheduling, commercials and a toy line.

On a positive note, my daughter (who is 5), stayed engrossed in the show, so there is still some magic there! She also has the castle and the plastic ponies which she quickly started playing with and singing with the songs!

Fans of this classic series will find plenty to love with each episode. The colors and music still capture the heart of the show and the magic is still there to capture the attention of children. With all 65 episodes included, it is well worth the money. Enough Rainbows, pink, purple, and happiness to last for many, many hours of imagination.

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