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My Big Fat Fabulous Life recap: Can Whitney and Todd ever make up?

Todd, Buddy, Maddie, Tal and Whitney talk over the big problem on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Last week, it seemed that Todd was completely done with Whitney. Greensboro’s a small town, so see you if I see you! Buh-bye! We never did get to see footage of their flight back to North Carolina, but I hope they had seats next to one another so it was extra awkward for all involved. Alas, no such luck. We can assume Todd huffed off from baggage claim, leaving Whitney to carry her own damn bags.

It’s a shame, really, because this was a week when Whitney could have used all the shoulders to cry on she could get. Not that it was all bad, but there were probably a few more lows than highs.

One high? She sat in for LauRen on the monkey morning radio show she so desperately wants to be a part of, and guess what? By making fun of Roy and Maney, she found her niche. Morning radio seems to be about acting like you’re in a high school lockeroom, so yay, I guess. I’m sure their interest in Whitney has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she has her own national television show, but you know what? She really is a natural on the air. Even if she didn’t have a show, they should be chomping at the bit to hire her.

Whitney tries her luck substituting for LauRen on My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding Photo/TLC

So, it look like Whitney may actually, finally get LauRen’s spot while she’s on maternity leave. I really can’t understand why they used anyone else. No one wants to fill out paperwork? They’re afraid of giving an overweight person health insurance? Roy likes Whitney more than he wants to admit and can’t restrain himself? I’m not sure what the show will have to offer Whitney after LauRen returns, but I hope she gets a permanent gig.

Having repeatedly tried to reach out to Todd, Whitney takes her complaints about his big baby behavior to Tal and Maddie, who are entirely sympathetic. Tal, it turns out, is actually a therapist of some kind, so he’s very good at nodding and being saying the right thing. It’s pretty clear that Todd is the one in the wrong, but it’s going to take a village to muscle Todd out of his pout. I have faith in Maddie and Tal to make it happen, don’t you?

Whitney meets with Tal and Maddie to talk about Todd’s antics Photo/TLC

When it finally happens, Todd gets to Whitney’s house in time for fried chicken, while Whitney suffers at the doctor. It turns out she didn’t rest when she mangled her toe earlier, and guess what? It isn’t healing. The doctor wants her to wear a hideous boot on her foot and delay any dancing for six weeks. Six. Weeks. We all know what that means for the imminent dance battle — it’s going to have to be less imminent, or Whitney’s troupe will have to go it alone.

Whitney finally limps into her house to find Todd sitting on the floor throwing attitude like spitballs. She abandoned him in New York! How dare she! What? Seriously, what? He could not make less sense if he was speaking in Erdu. It doesn’t matter anyway, because he manages to make Whitney cry. For s just by sneering at her. For some crazy reason she’s pretty sympathetic to Todd’s deeply repressed jealousy of her, and she cares more than she should. Oh, Whitney.

It’s only when Maddie drags him out of the room to ostensibly help with the pie (Whitney finally gets to eat something!) that Todd finally buckles. Maddie is not letting him off the hook. and she makes Todd feel good and lousy about being such a jerk. Ultimately, Todd finds it within himself to tell Whitney he admires her, which I guess is an apology? If an actual “I’m sorry for being such a twat” moment happened, I missed it due to crappy TV service. Thanks DirecTV!

With Todd back on board, the matter of the dance battle needs to be addressed. On the one hand, Whitney is merrily turning her garage into a dance studio that she won’t be able to dance in for six weeks, but it’s better than it being a home for Buddy’s garbage. On the other, Whitney has to tell her dancers about the injured toe situation. Do they want to dance the dance battle without her?

Whitney talks to her dance calls on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Photo/TLC

Um, no. Why on earth would they want to do that? This is Whitney’s personal hang-up. I think they’re just happy to get some exercise and go home.

Realizing she has to delay the dance battle, Whitney decides to tell Jiya the bad news face-to-face. She thinks the boot and her doctor’s note (yes, she has a doctor’s note to show Jiya) will be of help in some way. Whitney, it appears, does not remember anything about Jiya.

Jiya yells at Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Photo/TLC

Jiya is sure that Whitney is just trying to worm her way out of the rematch. She never wanted to do it in the first place! Um, what? It seems Jiya is going to cancel any future possibility of a dance battle, stomping off with her box of costumers, but as she leaves she tosses the ball back to Whitney — when she’s ready to dance, let her know. Whitney tries to walk away as quickly as her little boot will allow.

When Whitney starts demolition on her basement/dance studio, she can’t understand why her dad hasn’t shown up. It seems her mom is in the hospital, which is a good reason to flake out on a basement demo, and Whitney is beside herself. Suddenly that stupid dance battle rematch doesn’t look like the worst thing she has to deal with in a week full of challenges.

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