Mummies Unwrapped exclusive: Three mummified children were sacrificed, but why?

On tonight’s exciting episode of Mummies Unwrapped, explorer and host Ramy Romany is on the hunt for clues to learn why three young children were sacrificed and left for dead.

Our exclusive clip shows him in the research part of an Argentinian museum where he sees these bodies astoundingly preserved.

In the voice-over, he says, “Three mummified children… discovered on a mountain known for its 500 years of UFO sightings. Why carry out these human sacrifices here?”

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The preservation of this boy mummy is unequaled in the world of mummies
The preservation of this boy mummy is unequaled in the world of mummies. Pic credit: Discovery

These three children have features and even eyelashes that have defied time. They are the best-preserved mummies in the world, according to academics.

He asks the obvious questions of the “whys and what for” and he says, “Why carry out these human sacrifices here? Could these mummies map out the mystery behind a deadly path of human sacrifice a thousand miles long.”

This remark references the preponderance of human sacrifices in the Andes mountains.

Who were the three children?

Found at the summit of the Llullaillaco volcano on the Argentina-Chile border, these three unfortunate children were made into mummies by the elements after they became a human sacrifice.

The bodies were discovered at a staggering 22,100 feet above sea level, where temperatures were so frigid that it perfectly preserve the bodies, turning them into mummies after the kids were sacrificed some 500 years ago.

One of the mummies was a fifteen-year-old girl who scientists discovered had a lung infection. Another was only six years old and scientists found she had been struck by lightning.  The last mummy was a seven year old boy (top image, courtesy of Discovery) and shows remarkable preservation of facial features.

Where are the mummies kept?

You can book a tour to Argentina and visit the Museum of High Mountain Archaeology (MAAM) in Salta, Argentina. Salta is in the heart of Patagonia and has much to offer including this amazing natural history exhibit.

The area is scenic and mountainous with valleys, replete with vineyards and wineries where you can plan wine tasting tours too. If you see these mummies in person, that would be a good sightseeing tour to follow it up.

Were these children aliens or sacrifices to aliens?

Based on the alarming skeleton found in Chile that is considered part of the same mountain range, the theories are floating that extraterrestrial life visited Earth and the Incas offered these children as a sacrifice of sorts,

But other scientific researchers have debunked the notion but the mystery around the misshaped bones and skulls still has people wondering. Since Ramy Romany is friends with Ancient Aliens host and explorer Giorgio A. Tsoukalos… every conceivable angle will be covered in tonight’s compelling watch.

Tsoukalos is a Swiss academic and TV producer who is a believer in ancient alien astronauts interacting with ancient humans.

Make sure to catch up and read our exclusive Monsters & Critics interviews with Ramy Romany and Giorgio Tsoukalos

So, with all these moving parts presented, be sure to tune in and see what Ramy Romany might uncover or stitch together as a plausible theory on why these three poor kids were left for dead at the top of the world.

Mummies Unwrapped airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Discovery Channel.

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