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Mountain Monsters recap: Black Wolf photo, Jeff comes clean and Huck has bloody fight with a creature

Last week Jeff and Trapper were found to be in cahoots on Mountain Monsters
Last week Jeff and Trapper were found to be in cahoots on Mountain Monsters

This week on Mountain Monsters the AIMS team faced some hairy moments and had some pretty scary encounters as they close in on the Black Wolf, the Woman in the Woods and a mysterious creature.

Last week the team were shocked to find Jeff and Trapper in the barn, obviously working together on the mysterious symbols found in the Dark Forest.

All Explained

Jeff beckons them in and the team want answer. Trapper says he had a long chat with Jeff and asks him to step up and face up to effect that the Woman in the Woods was having on him.

Turns out the trip lines were setup by a local farmer and Jeff managed to get work with them in order to find out some more information.

The others are annoyed at being kept in the dark but Trapper defends and asks them to let it play out.

Buck and the rest of the AIMS crew feel they’ve been played and head off into the night.

Rage and Reconcilition

Jeff eavesdropping on the rest of the AIMS team
Jeff eavesdropping on the rest of the AIMS team

Next day they arrive for a meeting and start talking about Jeff and his condition.

Trapper is keen to back Jeff but they others point out that he’s not seen the nose bleeds and the state Jeff gets into.

Suddenly Jeff appears, having been hiding up in the loft so he could hear what they have to say about him. Huck is not happy and reckons that Jeff is being sneaky and sly. s

However, Trapper says get over it and Jeff says he need just one more night before he can spill the beans.

Jeff goes on Night Operations

Wild Bill sans his pants as Jeff puts out the alert call
Wild Bill sans his pants as Jeff puts out the alert call

The team head to basecamp for some chow whilst they wait for word, but just as they settle down for the night an urgent message comes over the phone from Jeff. Something is going on and the other team are arming and heading to a nearby cliff face.

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Cue Wild Bill running about in his underwear with a rifle and knife, he’s lucky not to do himself an injury!

Jeff calls in to say a line tripped but they need to be fast to get the trail camera footage before Harry and Stinky get to it.

The ten to fifteen minute deadline sees the AIMS team spring into action as they head to the wire, which is six foot in the air.

Huck and Buck look for the camera as Willy and Wild Bill barricade the road to delay Jeff and his team.

They manage to get the data just in time and head back to base to watch the footage, but it is password protected.

Smile for the Photo

The Black Wolf caught on camera
The Black Wolf caught on camera

Jeff turns up the next day at the cabin and looks pretty rough and he has the password for the memory card.

When they play the file they are amazed to see an image of the Black Wolf itself. The creature looks pretty big and its fur is indeed jet black.

The AIMS team are in no doubt about the nature of what they are seeing and they thank Jeff for pulling through and delivering the goods.

How to Catch a Wolf

Willy has devised a devious trap to capture the wolf
Willy has devised a devious trap to capture the wolf

The guys are talking about the trap and whether it is big enough, but their chat is interrupted.

Jeff collapses and passes out as he fixates on the Black Wolf, the team worry he does not have control.

However, he says he will man up and that he can handle it, but as Huck says what will happen if he sees the wolf in the flesh.

They figure the only way to help their friend is to check the trap and make sure they can capture the Black Wolf.

The maze trap that Willy and Wild Bill have built is huge, at over 30 feet wide. It also has three snares between the entrance and the bait, giving them multiple chances of catching the creature.

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But what should they use for bait?

Mysterious Midnight Meetings

Buck heads off for a late night meeting with Jeff, but he has to careful not to alert the team Jeff is working with.

The AIMS boys decide they need to go and look into this by getting Willy and Wild Bill to rappel down the cliff and check it out.

A Leap in the Dark

Wild Bill and WIlly rappel down the cliff
Wild Bill and Willy rappel down the cliff

Willy and Wild Bill grab their climbing gear and run towards the ridge. But just as they arrive they spot the other team in a truck and only narrowly avoid being spotted.

They find a good spot and rappel down to the base of the cliff to see if they can hear what the other group are talking about. As they draw close the vehicles move off, but what are they up to?

Willy decides to steal a walkie talkie so they can listen in, but it is a risky strategy. He gets it as Wild Bill covers him and they hope to get some good intel. Soon enough the radio breaks with a call for backup as gun shots ring out and the word comes on the radio that Jeff is down and bleeding.

The guys find him slumped against a tree and it looks like he’s been shot in the face. Luckily that is not the case and instead he’s had another nosebleed, but more serious than the previous ones.

Alone in the Dark

Meantime Buck is alone in the woods and he hears something in the dark, the cameraman seems nervous too.

He ends up at the spot where they previously spotted the Woman in the Woods a few nights back. Buck hears her laughter and start to feel a little strange, as panic sets in.

Next thing the cameraman loses Buck…

Predator on the Loose?

Huck and cameraman are not alone by the fire
Huck and cameraman are not alone by the fire

Cut to Huckleberry by the campfire talking about the creature that he thinks is tracking them. He says it looks like a figure but is camoflaged, with a sort of Predator style ability to merge in with the forest.

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Keeping his cool he calmly explains to the cameraman that it is right behind him and to remain still. With his gun ready for action he says he’s got it covered

He decides to ease up and try to get a better look but finds the cabin door is open. The tracks are of bare feet but do look humanoid, he heads into the cabin but cannot see where the tracks leave the cabin.

Next thing he’s under attack!

Cut back to Buck, whose been missing for over an hour. He looks like he’s been badly scared by something and start talking strangely. He tells the cameraman that he’s got a secret, now he knows why Jeff’s nose bleeds…

A phone rings and Buck realises he does not have his, when he finds it and answers it. He seems to snap out of whatever spell he was under and wonders how he got where he is.

Who is Him and a Bloody Huckelberry

Huck is covered in blood, but is it his or the creatures?
Huck is covered in blood, but is it his or the creatures?

The rest head back to base camp with Jeff and arrive just as Buck also returns.

They fill each other in but Jeff will only say that they shot ‘him,’ but fails to elaborate on who ‘him’ is.

However, they soon have more present worries as they realise Huck is missing.

They find him in the cabin and he’s covered in blood, but is it his or something else’s?

What do you think? Is that really the Black Wolf? What happened to Buck? What attacked Huck?

Mountain Monsters airs Saturdays on Destination America.

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