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Moonshiners: Where is Steven Ray Tickle from Moonshiners?

From Steven Tickle's website, a screenshot of a publicity still showing his business side. Pic credit: Steven Ray Tickle
Steven Ray Tickle has moved on from Moonshiners. Pic credit: Steven Ray Tickle

On Discovery’s Moonshiners, fans are wondering where cast member Steven Ray Tickle is these days.  From the looks of his social media account, Steve is a prospering entrepreneur who is marketing his brand of legal Shine to sell and has loads of posts sharing his whereabouts and what he is up to!

Who is Steven Ray Tickle?

AKA just plain old “Tickle”, Steven is a TV personality and spirits entrepreneur who markets and sells his brands of Shine.

Steven Ray has starred in Discovery Channel’s series Moonshiners. He lives in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and has been filmed working in the town of Gretna.  He had a spin-off show a few years back called Tickle as well.

In 2013, he was reported to be a union carpenter and to have “lived in the Washington area for two years recently as a top carpenter while building the popular Clyde’s Restaurant near the Verizon Center downtown.”

In 2013, Tickle made it known he was eyeing running for a political office and was gunning for U.S. Representative Robert Hurt in Virginia’s 5th congressional district as an independent, according to the Washington Examiner.

He said:

“I’m pretty serious about it because I’d like to take my status of what I’ve become on TV and be able to do some good with it. And that would be a place where I could do good with it, you know, look out for the man who I know who he is and he knows who I am…Lots of these people who are in Congress and a whole lot of political offices have never really had to work a day in their life, they don’t know what it is to say, ‘Where is my utility bill payment coming from this month.’ ‘What am I going to do for rent?’”

As for being an Independent? He said: “I can’t agree with everything on both sides and they tend to frown upon you when you don’t agree with all of their views.”

Tickle was also arrested in 2013 for public intoxication and there is an awesome mugshot of him on the news page.

He seems to have a penchant for getting in trouble with the law and was arrested again for felony gun issues.

Where is Steven Ray Tickle?

Well, it looks like he is home watching his pals on Moonshiners. On February 24, he posted this ahead of an episode on his Facebook page:

Back on December 27, 2018, Tickle posted a photo thanking his fans now that he was out of prison.

A screenshot of Tickle's Facebook page where he thanks fans for waiting on him. Pic credit: Tickle/Facebook
A screenshot of Tickle’s Facebook page where he thanks fans for waiting on him. Pic credit: Tickle/Facebook

Happy news! Today, Discovery sent Monsters and Critics the descriptions for the upcoming shows and Steven Ray Tickle will be featured:


After a year behind bars, Tickle gets transferred to Culpeper County, and Tim concocts a plan to get him out. In North Carolina, Mark Roger runs huckleberry shine to sweeten a backwoods deal, and Red Fox’s crew work their tails off making peach brandy.


Mark and Digger’s handmade vodka is on a hot streak until a cold snap threatens their run. For Mark Rogers, breaking the moonshiner code can come at a steep price. And Tim Smith risks a big run of Tickle’s double rye to put the woods back into his shine.

Make sure to tune in to Moonshiners airing on Wednesday on Discovery!



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