Monti Kids on Shark Tank: Where to buy the toys

Monti Kids
Monti Kids will be pitching on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

During Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, Monti Kids will step into the tank and pitch their company to the sharks in hopes of getting one or more investors along on their journey.

Monti Kids specializes in toys for children between the ages of birth to three.

The company was founded by Zahra Kassam, who has a BA in Psychology and a Master of Education from Harvard University. While she always wanted to be a teacher with her certification as a Montessori teacher, things changed when she became a mother.

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When her son Musa was born, she wanted to develop toys that could help him with his brain development, as the preschool near her didn’t accept kids until they were three. Studies done at Harvard University reveal that 85% of human brain development happens between birth and three.

It was during maternity leave that she decided to pursue something bigger. She had already developed a few toys and knew that other parents would love them. The company launched in 2013.

The toys are made with sustainably sourced wood and uses non-toxic paint, so it’s safe for your kids.

Monti Kids is a subscription-based business, where subscribers get toys every three months to use with their kids.

The guides to best use the toys are available online and can be delivered to your inbox at the right time of your child’s development.

The program costs $297 per level, and levels are shipped every three months. You can cancel at any time.

In addition to the toys and the guides, subscribers also have access to online classes, one-on-one support and even a community of other subscribers and certified Montessori educators.

Shark Tank airs this Sunday at 8/7c for a double-episode night on ABC.

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