Moki Door Step on Shark Tank: Is this the game-changer that the sharks are looking for?

Moki Doorstep is pitching on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

On Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, viewers will get to meet a husband and wife team from Newtown, Connecticut. They have created a simple rooftop assistance step, a design that can hold your weight while you access your vehicle’s roof to secure sports equipment, for example. The product is called the Moki Door Step.

The step is made some aircraft grade aluminum that can carry 400 pounds. The great thing about this step-up design is that it can fit any vehicle type or design, and suits both front and back doors. The step has rubber pieces on the back to protect your car from unnecessary scratches. It’s also easy to store, meaning you can take it anywhere.

The company’s website reveals that the Moki Door Step was created by Zach Brown, who works as a New England paramedic and firefighter.

It was a need that he saw in the marketplace as he and his wife enjoy the outdoors, including skiing.

While this wasn’t a problem when they were both at home, it was a problem for his wife, who could not go to the slopes without him, as she couldn’t get the equipment on the top of the car.

It was then that the product went through years of testing to ensure that it was safe for everyone.

As it turns out, Zach’s wife wasn’t alone in struggling to reach the roof of her car. The product was backed on Kickstarter, getting 2,000 backers who pledged over $100,000.

At present time, Zach has partnered with Rightline Gear as his primary focus remains on firefighting and working as a local paramedic.

You can buy the Moki Door Step product on the company’s own website for $44.95. At present time, this appears to be the only place where you can buy it.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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