Moink on Shark Tank: Ethically sourced meats delivered to your door

Lucinda Cramsey shares her vision for Moink on Shark Tank.
Lucinda Cramsey shares her vision for Moink on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

On Shark Tank, Lucinda Cramsey will be asking the sharks to take part in her business, Moink. What she’s selling is a farmer-owned subscription for ethically sourced meat.

Those interested in purchasing beef, pork, chicken or fish can sign up to have boxes of this ethically sourced meat delivered straight to their home.

Moink touts high-quality meats that come straight from farmers who work with the company to provide the freshest source of meat for consumption.

Making this meat subscription even better, Moink meats are called ethically-sourced, meaning that the salmon is wild-caught and the cows, pigs, and chickens are grass-fed and are raised in a pasture.

This isn’t a discount service and those looking for deals on their meat can do better to buy it on sale from a grocery store but with Moink, purchasers can be sure that the meats they are eating came from animals that were raised outside of cages and factory farms.

Those who want to sign up for Moink can have their meat boxes delivered every three, four or six weeks. Also, the boxes are customizable so customers can choose to get a box full of beef or to mix it up with a combination of beef, pork, chicken and salmon.

The box variations on the Moink website all run $159 and all seem to come with roughly 10-13 pounds of high-quality meat. Those interested in the Moink meat subscription can find more information and sign up at their website.

Shark Tank airs on Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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