MinusCal on Shark Tank: Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael present their protein bar in hopes to win investors

Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael present MinusCal, a healthy protein bar
Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael present MinusCal, a protein bar that blocks fat. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

On the Season 11 premiere of Shark Tank on ABC, Barrett Jaques and Crom Carmichael will be jumping into the tank and hoping that one of the sharks will want to bite on their weight loss product, MinusCal.

According to the MinusCal website, these products help consumers reach their weight goals by providing a high protein, low sugar snack in the form of a protein bar. It also contains a proprietary ingredient called Choleve, a fermented tea extract. The Choleve acts as a fat blocker, stopping some of a person’s ingested fat from being absorbed by the body.

As for whether the MinusCal products work or not, their website claims that Choleve underwent studies. Their products are proven to block up to 12 percent of a person’s fat intake, on average.

It will be interesting to see the sharks taste test the MinusCal products, especially with KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky joining the panel for the Season 11 premiere. Hopefully, he’ll give viewers an idea of how the MinusCal products stack up in terms of taste.

MinusCal bars come in three flavors, peanut butter, chocolate, and apple cinnamon. People can purchase them from the MinusCal website in packs of 12 or 30. There is also a 30-bar variety box that contains 10 bars in each flavor. The cost of the MinusCal bars runs from $29.95 for a box of 12 to $64.95 for a box of 30. There is also the option to receive a 3-bar sample pack to try each flavor for $9.95.

In addition to protein bars, MinusCal also offers nutritional supplements for those who want to use the fat blocker Choleve without actually eating the bar. The dietary supplement works much in the same way as the bar and can be taken up to two times per day for best results.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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