Million Dollar Matchmaker exclusive: Gay fashion guru Peter Curti hunts for first real relationship

Peter Curti talking to a man on Million Dollar Matchmaker
Millionaire entrepreneur Peter Curti during his “love lesson” on Million Dollar Matchmaker

Million Dollar Matchmaker is back tonight featuring gay fashion guru Peter Curti as he hunts for his first real relationship.

The episode — which also includes sex-obsessed author Devina Kaur, who trawls Craigslist for men — sees Curti given a makeover as he goes in search of a long-term man.

Watch our exclusive clip below as he undergoes a “love lesson” where he has to learn how to approach guys like an alpha — and ends up chatting up the STRAIGHT men in the room.

Patti then has to grab him by the arm and point him back in the direction of the gay guys who she’s trying to get him to mingle with.

Curti is renowned for spending all his time with his head buried in his phone and has never had a proper relationship. He attends Stanger’s “Millionaire’s Club” in the hope that he can find love.

The entrepreneur is a fashion photographer, designer, and all-round fashion guru who has worked with everyone from Teen Vogue to E! Entertainment.

Watch our exclusive clip from this week’s Million Dollar Matchmaker below…

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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