Michael Vick’s wife Kijafa throws shade at Chris Chambers’ wife Stacey on Baller Wives

Kijafa Vick on the phone in the Baller Wives season finale
Kijafa Vick talking about Stacey Chambers on the back-to-back season finale of Baller Wives

Michael Vick’s wife Kijafa throws shade at Chris Chambers’ wife Stacey on tonight’s two-hour season finale of Baller Wives — saying she wouldn’t care if she never saw her face again.

The episode sees the pair finally have a sit-down in person to try and clean-up the bad blood between them after Stacey Reaches out to Kijafa to try and make peace.

But beforehand, Kijafa reveals her true feelings about Stacey in a phone call to Astante Samuel’s wife Jeniva, in which she says she’s only meeting with Stacey because her husband wants her to.

She tells Jeniva: “I would be happy with my life if I never had to see her again, never had to hear her name, see her face.”

But she adds: “I’m just ready to get this all behind me. I really don’t want to meet her, I really don’t have much to say, but I guess I will listen to my husband ’cause I see he’s really upset about it. I just want to make him happy.”

Tonight’s Baller Wives finale also sees Emmaly Lugo try to make up with Crystal Marie, and Julius Jones and wife Kelly struggle with their son’s hopes of playing football like his dad.

Meanwhile, when Miko Grimes — wife of Brent Grimes — brings the Baller Wives stars together at a charity event, things go south fast…

The two-hour Baller Wives finale starts tonight at 9/8c on VH1.

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