Mia Tomlinson: Who plays Anne Bonny in The Lost Pirate Kingdom?

Promotional still from The Lost Kingdom Pirate.
Mia Tomlinson plays Anne Bonny in The Lost Pirate Kingdom. Pic credit: Netflix

For fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and all pirate-related tales, comes The Lost Pirate Kingdom. This Netflix Original is a documentary series that excitingly plays out like a cinematic drama. 

The series seamlessly intertwines dramatic reenactments and expert interviews as it tells the story of “the real-life pirates of the Caribbean,” beginning in 1715. It has left its fans craving a full-fledged pirate drama series and as many have recounted that while watching the suspenseful series, they forgot it was a documentary.

What are the details?

This new Netflix series premiered on March 15 and has been sailing through Netflix’s top trending list in the U.S. It is currently in the number four spot. The Lost Pirate Kingdom sits above the psychological thriller Deadly Illusions and below the newly added 2012 action-thriller Savages.

The series currently has one season with six episodes with each running about an hour in length. Netflix describes it as “provocative,” “gritty” and “exciting.”

The Lost Pirate features Sam Callis (Game of Thrones) as Benjamin Hornigold and Mark Gillis (Sink) as Henry Jennings in the roles of rivaling foes. Other actors include Richard Dee-Roberts (Jurassic Predator) as Archibald Hamilton, Moneer Elmasseek (Silent Witness) as Thomas Barrow and Kevin Howarth (The Witcher) as Woodes Rogers. 

Stealing the scene and tying all of the bits together is narrator Derek Jacobi who previously starred in Gladiator and Last Tango in Halifax.

And lastly, playing the famous female pirate Anne Bonny is actor Mia Tomlinson. 

Who is Mia Tomlinson?

The Lost Pirate Kingdom marks actor Mia Tomlinson’s big debut as her only other documented role is for an upcoming series The Beast Must Die. The actor impressed everybody in her role as Anne Bonny and she has been dubbed as a major fan-favorite. As she is still quite new to the scene, details are still emerging about her past experience.

According to the moviemaker’s industry website, Film Freeway, Tomilnson is an actor and director.

She is London-based and worked behind the camera to create the experimental short film Je Vis Je Meurs. She is listed as the project’s actor, director and editor. On the same website, she also shared that her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Tomlinson is active on social media and she has both a Twitter and an Instagram account. On the latter, she has shared a few super cool posts about her breakout Netflix role. 

In one, she shared a collection of goofy behind-the-scenes images, donning a black pirate hat and her infamous getup. She wrote, “Behind the scenes in Nassau.” 

The actor uses the platform to share pictures of her everyday life and throwbacks to her childhood. Over the last few months, she has been snapping selfies hanging out with her friends outdoors and going to the beach.

Tomlinson is very open about her acting experiences and often shares about doing “character work” and rehearsing monologues. In a recent post, she summed up her entire day to her followers. 

She wrote, “Day in, day out. Sleep. Wake. Coffee. Read. Skip. Eat. Line learn. Character work. Eat again. (Maybe a hot bath). Sleep again.” 

While the fate of The Lost Pirate Kingdom remains unknown, fans of Tomlinson will be happy to hear that her next project The Beast Must Die is expected to air in May. It is a British thriller that spans over five episodes and is based on a 1938 novel.

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The Lost Pirate Kingdom is currently streaming on Netflix.

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