Mexican jungle demon the Alux attacking villagers on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

An Alux carving
Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, the team head to the Mexican rainforest where they hunt a mischievous creature known as the alux.

The alux is a legendary sprite-like creature that appears in many Maya folk tales and legends. This diminutive humanoid is said to be only a few feet tall and dresses in traditional Mayan clothing.

They are usually associated with nature and mostly with farms and fields, where they are said to be able to aid the growing of crops and protect them from thieves and predators.

However, after seven years or if they are not respected the alux can become troublesome and will play tricks on humans and even spread illness or attack people.

Also on this episode, Josh heads across the Atlantic to the remote woodlands of Romania where something haunts the lonely forests.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs Fridays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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