Megan & Harry: A Royal Baby Story underscores the rift between the Duchesses, preview

This new look at the pending birth really talks about all the aspects of Meghan's introduction to the royal family. Pic credit: TLC
This new look at the pending birth really talks about all the aspects of Meghan’s introduction to the royal family. Pic credit: TLC

Don’t kid yourself, the new TLC special Meghan & Harry: A Royal Baby Story is anything but giddy anecdotes about rattles, baby blankets and silver spoons.

This well cast with royal experts special on TLC underscores the titanic sized elephant in the room: The huge cultural and racial upheaval now occurring in the royal British ranks (described by one expert as the epitome of elite white Britain).

It also features the rumored growing enmity between the previous sole rock star duchess, Kate Middleton, and the Yankee biracial upstart currently adored the world over, Miss Meghan Markle now Duchess of Sussex, who happens to be ready to deliver Harry’s first child.

What will the special cover?

The special will cover the political dynamics of having a non-British biracial actress now living as a beloved British royal. It also covers the messiness of Markle’s family back in the United States, and especially about her dad Thomas Markle, who has carried on like a victim in the press.

A mixed race baby who is half American born of an actress mom now living in the palaces of Britain has captivated the entire planet.  People either adore her or side with Team Kate and William.

The royal baby watch is solidly underway as two of the most famous people on the planet try to do their royal duties and weather all the speculations and rumors, as the press gleefully points out all the snubs within the family.

But, Nick Bullen of says it is the brothers who are on the outs — not the wives.

Read our exclusive interview with royal expert Nick Bullen here!

Since marrying their princes, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, have had every gesture, stance, facial expression, and comment dissected a thousand ways.

There are traditionalists within Britain who aren’t keen on an American, or biracial person for that matter, being swept into the house of Windsor.

However, change is the only constant in life and the rest of the world seems pretty darn excited about this marriage and coming baby.

The numbers that tuned in to see the wedding were staggering. About two billion people tuned in to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot last May.

With new marriages often come new babies, and it was so for the couple as Kensington Palace confirmed that the couple was expecting their first child.

Who are the experts?

The contributors TLC booked are as follows (in order of appearance in the preview clip): Katie Nicholl, Royal Author, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Broadcaster, Kate Williams, Historian, Juliet Angus, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Emily Andrews, Royal Correspondent, Duncan Larcombe, Author, ‘Prince Harry: The Inside Story’, Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s half-sister and Ashley Pearson, Celebrity Journalist.

The official logline:

From TLC:

“As the home of all things wedding, all things royal and all things family for viewers in the U.S., it makes perfect sense for TLC to follow this next generation of royals as they journey into the joys of parenthood. We’re excited to bring this special to our passionate fans,” said Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC.

Between Harry and Meghan’s plans to move out of Kensington Palace, Meghan’s elaborate A-list celebrity baby shower and her glamorous maternity wardrobe, the general public has been on non-stop royal baby watch. The questions keep pouring in – how will Princess Diana’s legacy impact Harry and Meghan’s parenting style? Is Meghan really going to have a hypno-birth delivery? Will Meghan continue the tradition of posing for a photo post-birth like others before her? Will Meghan seek out advice on how to raise a royal from sister-in-law and rumored rival Kate? Will Meghan’s father ever get to meet his grandchild after being so removed from his daughter’s new life? Fortunately for viewers, several contributors have plenty of insight to share on all things royal baby.

Megan & Harry: A Royal Baby Story is a one-hour special premiering Tuesday, April 9th at 8 P.M. ET/PT on TLC.

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