Meet Talus: Mark Hamill’s ‘battle-hardened’ character revealed for Knightfall

Tom Cullen as Landry and Mark Hamill as 'battle-hardened' Talus. Pic credit: History
Tom Cullen as Landry and Mark Hamill as ‘battle-hardened’ Talus. Pic credit: History

History’s action-packed period Knights Templar drama Knightfall has revealed an exciting new character for Season 2. Mark Hamill is playing Talus, a “battle-hardened” Knight Templar who has survived many skirmishes abroad.

Knightfall star Tom Cullen is portrayed as the leader Templar Knight, Landry. The two are shown in a newly released photo that promises this season will ratchet up the dramatic action.

Hamill blew everyone away with his appearance in the last few Star Wars films with the late Carrie Fisher. His popularity has never been stronger and the casting decision was a really smart one as he moves from lightsaber to sword.

Also of note, Aaron Helbing now serves as the new executive producer and showrunner on Season 2 of the Knightfall, taking over from Dominic Minghella.

The network describes the new character, Talus:

“A battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for ten years in the Holy Land and is tasked with training the new initiates to the Order.”

Cullen’s Landry was last seen as a grief-stricken player in this yarn about an order of Catholic warrior monks. History describes season two as such:

“Season two will explore this dark time in history from the Templar perspective, embracing an authentically grittier, darker, and more brutal Medieval period than has ever been seen before.”

The story wends politics, religion, and warfare effortlessly as seen through the eyes of the Knights Templar, the cryptic and powerful military order of the Middle Ages who were entrusted with protecting Christianity’s most precious relics, especially from the Muslim hordes.

Their story is fleshed out on History and shares the lore and true historical markers of these “warrior monks” dubbed the Knights Templar whose legend and factual deeds are profoundly entertaining and ripe for producers to reimagine and reenact.

The series has also added Tom Forbes as Prince Louis, described by History as “the violent and unpredictable son of King Philip and heir to the throne.”Genevieve Gaunt is cast as Isabella, the daughter of King Philip, described as “well on her way to becoming the woman who history would call the she-wolf of France.”

Knightfall season two start date has not been officially announced on History, but estimates are it will air in early 2019

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