Mayans MC: The cast of characters and our predictions for each of them

Richard Cabral as Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz in Mayans MC
Richard Cabral as Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz in Mayans MC

When the time came to begin casting for Mayans MC, make no assumption that the job was easy. Wendy O’Brien (Sons of Anarchy) returns as the casting director in Kurt Sutter’s second chapter of the Sutterverse.

Thanks to O’Brian and Sutter’s eye for talent, we can look forward to having love/hate relationships with characters, brought to life by the actors behind them.

During the ATX Television Festival in June, Sutter stated, “The thing I love about this cast is they have more jail time than screen time”. Sons of Anarchy alum Emilio Rivera followed up by saying, “He hired actors to play badasses on Sons, but he hired badasses to play bikers on Mayans MC”.

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With such a significant change and attention to character portrayal, viewers of Mayans MC are in for a performance unlike anything currently on television as Mayans MC takes us down a new stretch of road riddled with new faces and character-driven subplots.

Here is the newest information about these exciting new characters that will grace our television screens this September 4th and our predictions for them.

The Reyes family

JD Pardo (East Los High, Revolution) stars as Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes

The main character and prospect in the Mayans M.C., Santo Padre charter, EZ, at one point, was destined for greatness with his love by his side and a dream of being a Stanford graduate.

However, he went from that to having his American Dream snuffed out by border violence and a term of imprisonment in Stockton State Prison.

EZ, now newly released, also has a secret — one that keeps him on the fringes of this band of outsiders, and one that could prove deadly to his brother Angel, a full-patch member of the Mayans.

It is thought, at the time of writing, that EZ was in the wrong place at the wrong time and wrongfully arrested for a crime he did not commit, leaving his only path to freedom to come in the form of a bargain from an agent hell-bent on bringing down the Galindo Cartel.

We suspect that EZ will have to balance the life of an informant with the commitment to prospecting for the Mayans MC.

With all that Mayans MC has to offer, could the revelation come that Brotherhood in the club is more important than saving himself?

By the season finale, we hope to see EZ make the right choice to come clean about his true intentions, or handle the situation in a personal way.

Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver, American Me director) stars as Felipe Reyes

Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes
Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes, EZ’s father

The once strong Mexican patriarch, crushed by bullets and hard labor, struggles to keep his past buried and lead his sons down a lawful, righteous path.

He is now the owner of a butcher shop through which he makes a humble living, and which serves as a sanctum of sorts to his youngest son EZ.

With Filipe described as having a dark past, we can only assume that his efforts to give his sons a better life have failed — given his two sons’ involvement in the Mayans MC.

In the official trailer, we saw Filipe remove a sawed-off shotgun from a lockbox, expecting the presence of a threat.

It is likely that we will also see Papa Reyes fail to remain on the straight and narrow himself, as he fights to protect his remaining family after the loss of his wife.

Clayton Cardenas (S.W.A.T., Snowfall) stars as Angel Reyes

A full patch member of the Santo Padre charter, Angel lives with the burden of being the “lesser son” in a proud Mexican family. Angel loves few, but trusts fewer.

Despite being a full patch member in a club that serves as an equally unbalanced second family, he has ambitions of his own that will most certainly contribute to the drama within the church room and on the road.

With EZ being his younger brother, we can assume he is responsible for influencing him to prospect. Is Angel EZ’s sponsor, or perhaps one of the other stern and grizzled full patch members?

Time will also tell if Angel seeks to make a power play of his own within the club. Perhaps he disagrees with the leadership of the Santo Padre President, Bishop, and sees himself as a better fit for the head of the table?

The Mayans MC: Santo Padre

Emilio Rivera (Z Nation, Sons of Anarchy) guest stars as Marcus Alvarez

Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez
Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez, the founder of the Mayans M.C.

El Padrino and founder of the Mayans M.C. As the national President, he’s the main shot-caller who is ruthless, yet loyal.

Alvarez’s appearances may be limited, but his presence will always be felt. As Alvarez makes check-ins with his Santo Padre charter, we can surely expect to see him display his discontent when things are not going according to plan and to rarely show contentment when things are running smoothly.

If we have one hope for Alvarez, it’s that his limited appearances do not mean a “Glorious Death” is incoming (looking at you, Kurt Sutter).

Michael Irby (True Detective, Fast Five) stars as Obispo ‘Bishop’ Losa

The President of Mayans M.C., Santo Padre Charter. From a broken home in the Salton Sea, he was taken in by the family of his cousin, Marcus Alvarez.

He is a military veteran, and responsible for establishing and running the Santo Padre charter. We expect to see Bishop as his name suggests, an empowered overseer in his own right, ruling with an iron fist and answering to no one except Marcus Alvarez.

Despite his attributes, Bishop may struggle to maintain control as his club is caught in between the Galindos and Los Olvidados.

Raoul Max Trujillo (Apocalypto, Hard Powder) stars as  Che ‘Taza’ Romero

The Vice President of the Santo Padre charter. As a longtime friend of Alvarez, he helped set up the Santo Padre chapter on the border.

A mix of Mexican and Apache blood, Taza has been hardened by the deterioration of his hometown but is an infinite source of wisdom to the club.

We can expect Taza to walk hand in hand with President Bishop, always be ready for anything, and serve as an advisor on the heaviest of matters concerning the club.

If one thing radiates from Taza, it’s the heir of a man deserving of respect.

Frankie Loyal (The Deep End, Numb3rs) stars as Hank “El Tranq” Loza

Sergeant At Arms/El Pacificador. A former gangbanger and bare-knuckle brawler, his well-honed ability to hurt things allows him to maintain order without having to say much.

Hank also wears an “In Memory of Patch” on his kutte to honor what we theorize to be deceased club members.

Known to have a personal code of honor appropriately called “Hank’s Code” which follows the “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil” proverb, Hank strikes us as his brother’s keeper amongst the club.

Thought to be one of the few full patch members to approve of the new prospect EZ, will Hank be the one to pass judgment on EZ if the informant theory proves to be true?

Antonio Jaramillo (Savages, La Linea) stars as Michael ‘Riz’ Ariza

Antonio Jaramillo as Michael ‘Riz’ Ariza
Antonio Jaramillo as Michael ‘Riz’ Ariza, Secretary of the Santo Padre Charter

Riz is the Secretary of the Santo Padre Charter. A Santo Padre local whose broken upbringing on the border made him well equipped to navigate the outlaw world with diplomacy and cunning.

Riz carries the responsibility of managing the numbers and overseeing the movement of money for the club. We can only assume that with a combination of street and book smarts, that nothing can slip past him from a stack of cash to an out-of-line remark — neither will go unpunished.

Joseph Raymond Lucero (Gridiron Gang, Shameless) stars as Neron “Creeper” Vargas

A mysterious character to say the least, as little to nothing has been said about him during the series production until recently.

Described as full patch member of the Santo Padre charter and ex-junkie, he is as loyal as he is unpredictable.

He hates using a gun but is very proficient with a bat or a hammer. Creeper, by look and name, may have more experience than any Santo Padre member when it comes to being on the inside, and unconventional by club standards when it comes to handling things on the outside.

Richard Cabral (Breaking In, American Crime) stars as Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz

A full patch member, former Army sharpshooter and weapons specialist, Coco earned a section 8 for shooting a cigar out of his C.O.’s mouth from a half-mile away, while he was stoned.

Incredible talent for weaponry combined with a disposition for misbehavior, Coco may serve as our craziest member, that being said out of respect.

He may be quick to step into the fray with little regard for the consequences. One thing can be said about Coco that may ring true, he is likely the man you want by your side when things go sideways.

Vincent Rocco Vargas (Range 15, Not A War Story) stars as Gilberto “Gilly” Lopez

A good-natured MMA fighter who rides for the Santo Padre charter, his good-natured smile is known to disarm ladies and enemies alike.

He is fiercely loyal, with brute strength capable of being enacted at the flip of a switch. Built with height and muscle to rival any physical threat posed to the club, we imagine Gilly to be the gentle giant until someone makes the grave mistake of crossing him.

Gilly’s fighting skills must come into play during the series, whether that be roughing up a well deserving soul or a friendly sparring match with another club member in the ring — a match that he would surely win.

The Rebels/ Los Olvidados

Carla Baratta (Bleep, Prueba de Fe) stars as Adelita

As a child, Adelita watched her family die at the hand of the Galindo cartel. Now, street-wise, driven, and seeking an eye for an eye, she mentors a ragtag group of Mexican orphans.

Described as being a rebel leader out to destroy the Cartel, we theorize that Adelita is the leader of the Los Olvidados, the rebel group at war with the Galindo Cartel.

Should Adelita find common ground with the Santo Padre charter, perhaps we will see her softer side as she falls for a Santo Padre member? That is…if she doesn’t bravely die for her cause.

The Galindo Cartel

Danny Pino (Scandal, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) stars as Miguel Galindo

Miguel is the son of cartel founder, Jose Galindo. With wit, charm and an Ivy League education, he navigates both sides of the border as effortlessly as he juggles his professional and family life, having mastered success in both legitimate enterprises as well as the family business.

With Miguel set up to be the pride of the public’s eye, and a prolific torturer in the shadows, we will have to wait and see if Miguel lives up to his father’s name or if his family legacy comes crashing down around him as his wife turns on him in the wake of a DEA investigation.

A squeaky clean record may only carry this antagonist so far in Season 1.

Sarah Bolger (The Tudors, Emelie) stars as Emily Thomas

The former childhood sweetheart of EZ, who after his incarnation found a new life as the protective mother of a small child and the wife of the Cartel Prince, Miguel Galindo.

Why her last name is Thomas, rather than Galindo, we can only hope to learn soon. With Emily tied to the Santo Padre charter in more than one way, we predict she possesses the fortitude to manage the disruption the return of her former lover is sure to cause for both herself and her young son.

Ada Maris (Star Trek: Enterprise, One Life To Live) stars as Dita Galindo

Ada Maris as Captain Erika Hernandez in Star Trek: Enterprise
Ada Maris as Captain Erika Hernandez in Star Trek: Enterprise. Pic credit: Paramount

Dita is Miguel’s mother, the beautiful matriarch of the Galindo Cartel legacy.

Her grace defies the violent life she has been privy to for decades. Will Dita be the one to play the Galindo cards?

With no casting information on Jose Galindo, we may find that he is either comfortably situated in Mexico in his Narco Mansion calling the shots from afar, or that he is no longer in charge, leaving Dita and her only son Miguel in control.

Our prediction for Dita is this — she ensured Miguel maintained his clean record and remained on paper, untouchable in the eyes of the law for the Galindo family deeds.

We also suspect that Dita will have her eyes on her daughter in law, Emily, and any wrong move she makes against the family will cause Dita to act accordingly, perhaps even threatening the separation of Emily and her baby boy should she step out of line.

Tony Plana (Madam Secretary, The Punisher) stars as Devante

Tony Plana in Colony
Tony Plana as Proxy Michael Alcala in Colony. Pic credit: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network

A trusted consigliere schooled in the old ways of the Galindo Cartel, he is charged with protecting the Galindo family legacy in an ever-changing world.

Whether Jose Galindo is in the picture or not and despite the fact that Devante is an iron-hided individual, we predict Devante and Dita will have a forbidden romance of sorts.

With both Devante and Dita doing what needs to be done in terms of the Cartel and on matters concerning Miguel, this may bring them close…too close for Miguel’s taste.

Gino Vento (The Deuce, The Last O.G.) stars as Nestor

Gino Vento
Gino Vento, who will play Nestor. Pic credit: Nick Sethi

Nestor is the fiercely loyal, childhood friend of Miguel Galindo, and is now his head of security willing to do anything to enforce the family’s rule.

If we know anything about grunts, it’s that nothing good comes to them in most drama series. We imagine that Nestor will deal quite a bit of damage, before falling at the hands of a Santo Padre member by the season finale.

Mayans MC TV schedule

Mayans MC airs Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 10pm on FX, with FX Plus subscribers able to stream the premiere early on September 1.

Season 1 is also available for purchase on Amazon Video, with each episode watchable after the network airing.

Latin America and Canada can view on September 4 using Fox Premium and FXNow/FX respectively.

Australia viewers can expect a Wednesday, September 5, premiere on Showcase along with New Zealand which will stream on NEON.

Mayans MC has yet to be picked up by a UK network.

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