May Simón Lifschitz: Who is the Warrior Nun star?

May Simón Lifschitz pose son Instagram
May Simón Lifschitz has impressed many fans with her performance as Chanel in Netflix’s Warrior Nun. Pic credit: @itmaybemay/ Instagram

Season 1 of Netflix’s Warrior Nun hit our screens with style and panache and introduced us to some fantastic new actors. May Simón Lifschitz particularly impressed fans on the show.

Warrior Nun is a kick-ass fantasy created by Simon Barry, based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala.

The main character in the show is Ava Silva (Alba Baptista), an orphaned tetraplegic teenage girl who wakes up in morgue having been bestowed supernatural powers when an angelic halo is placed on her back.

She then becomes a member of a secret sect of nuns that are required to fight demons.

However, May Simón Lifschitz has impressed many with her recurring role as Chanel in the series. So let’s find out who this actress is.

Who is May Simón Lifschitz?

Lifschitz is a 25-year-old transgender model and actress, who has been acting since at least 2015. She was born in Argentina to an Argentine father and a Danish mother.

She holds Danish nationality.

She has appeared in a few Danish productions such as Wild Witch, Yes No Maybe, and Christian IV. On top of Warrior Nun in 2020, fans might have also seen her in Pros and Cons.

When a fan asked show writer David Hayter if Warrior Nun had a stance on trans issues and whether they planned to have a trans hero, he responded by pointing out that cast regular Lifschitz was trans.

Hayter explained that Lifschitz was pleased because it was the first show she’d worked on where the script hadn’t mentioned her transsexuality.

Tweet by show writer David Hayter on Lifschitz
Pic credit: @DavidBHayter/ Twitter

In October 2019, Lifschitz was a model for Victoria’s Secret, and she was only the second openly transgender model to be hired by the lingerie and clothing company, following Valentina Sampaio.

Where to find May Simón Lifschitz on social media?

May Simón Lifschitz can be found on Instagram with the handle @itmaybemay.

As of writing, she has over 9,000 followers, but the number had been rapidly increasing ever since she hit our screens in Warrior Nun.

Lately, she’s posted some really cool pics of herself and cast behind the scenes.

Lifschitz poses with other cast members
Pic credit: @itmaybemay

She’s also put up lots of great pics of herself modeling in some really stunning locations.

Lifschitz on instagram
Pic credit: @itmaybemay

It’s not clear if Lifschitz has family or if she is dating anybody, as she seems to be quite careful and creative about what she puts on social media.

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