Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys’s The Wine Show on Ovation is a corker

What’s more delicious than a fine bottle of wine…say, in the Italian countryside? Or the beautiful south of England? Or perhaps France?

It’s actors Matthew Goode (The Crown, The Good Wife) and Matthew Rhys (The Americans) debating the merits of said wine while cracking wise and being schooled on the intricacies of the tipple thanks to yet another schooled Brit, Joe Fattorini.

Ovation’s new The Wine Show is equal parts educational, entertaining and cleverly designed to pull you into the “jolly good time” sphere of these British oeniphiles who take us all over Italy and beyond.

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You will learn about the South African wine that Napoleon adored in exile to wines created thanks to an earthquake in Chile. Each and every bottle uncorked on The Wine Show tells a terrific yarn.

The twist of having English actor Matthew Goode and Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, two well-known cut-ups with amazing acting CVs, adds to the fun as the world becomes your oyster and inspires you to venture beyond your bargain two-buck Chuck vino from Trader Joe’s.

Matthew Rhys, Matthew Goode
Matthew Rhys, left, and Matthew Goode, right, have a charming rapport that works

The premiere episode goes to a stunning hilltop villa in Italy, where Goode and Rhys dig deep to find the best Italian pours and are joined by host wine expert and global reporter Joe Fattorini and presenter Amelia Singer.

The two Matthews get a new challenge in every episode, going to different parts of Italy and uncovering some of the best wines the country has to offer and telling the stories about their history and origins.

The actors go behind the labels on every price point of wines that are available in the region.

In each episode, Joe, Amelia, and chef Gizzi Erskine bring back wines from their travels all over the world and have the Matthews take cracks at the haul.

Joe comes to the table with amazing experience. An academic, he sold wine for years to restaurants, hotels and even wealthy golfers, then wrote the book on marketing wine to restaurants and is considered an expert on all things vino.

The Wine Show ais Wednesdays at 10pm ET/7pm PT on arts network Ovation.

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