Matt wants a bunker in case there is a zombie apocalypse on Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World
Matt drives the family to planned site for his bunker

It’s zombie apocalypse time on this week’s Little People, Big World as Matt has bunker plans.

Now that he’s recovering well, Matt is keen to get on with something fun and practical. What could be handier than a bunker for all the family.

Matt explains the logic behind his emergency shelter

As he says you never know when there could be a terrorist attack, an explosion or even a zombie apocalypse.

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Now a budding prepper, he also points out you don’t want to be running tree in the woods. Instead you want a cosy bunker with beds, food and other supplies for all the family.

The family are not convinced
The family are not convinced

Everyone else looks about as convinced as you’d expect, but hey it beats a treehouse or a den!

Tune in to see how the trial run goes…

Watch Little People, Big World – Zombie Apocalypse at 8 PM on TLC.

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