Woman ‘levitates’ on The CW’s Masters of Illusion

RJ Cantu as a woman appears to partially levitate on the Masters of Illusion stage
RJ Cantu and the woman he ‘levitates’ during his performance on Masters of Illusion

A woman ‘levitates’ tonight during one of the performances on The CW’s Masters of Illusion.

The shows sees a string of leading illusionists, escape artists and performers demonstrate their greatest tricks.

This week’s episode, titled Technological Beverages and Rapid-Fire Cards, includes performances by RJ Cantu, Jarrett & Raja, Bill Cook, Jibrizy, Tommy Wind, Chris Randall, Scott Pepper, and Jeff McBride.

RJ Cantu, an actor/musician who has previously had roles on ABC Family’s The Secret Live of the American Teenager and MTV’s Death Valley, is known for his laser and light-filled magic acts.

He previously appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2013, in a performance in which he made his assistant float and disappear.

Watch a clip below from his performance on tonight’s Masters of Illusion as he makes a woman ‘levitate’ off the ground.

He starts off by removing a stool from underneath the woman’s feet leaving her hanging between two glowing poles.

He then removes one of the poles, leaving her apparently floating in mid-air.

Her previously rigid arm then falls limp, before Cantu effortlessly lifts her by the legs and leaves her hanging at an angle.

But what will happen next?

Masters of Illusion airs Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

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