MasterChef recap: Who got eliminated and went home last night?

Aarón Sanchez And Joe Bastianich
Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich during MasterChef Season 10 episode. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap for Season 10, Episode 9 ended with the names of the two eliminated home cooks. Two chefs went home on Thursday night, taking the cast to its top 14 this summer.

There was a team challenge during the last episode, as the top 16 home cooks had to prepare a three-course Italian dish. The team captains even got trained at a restaurant owned by Joe Bastianich.

The Blue Team that lost consisted of Michael Silverstein, Sam Haaz, Subha Ramiah, Sarah Faherty, Shari Mukherjee, Noah Sims, Liz Linn, and Dorian Hunter. They would be competing for their time on the show in a tag team challenge.

MasterChef Season 10, Episode 9 recap

Eight home cooks had to take part in a tag-team challenge to extend their time on the show. The challenge involved creating a plater of meals from around the world, with the duos taking turns cooking and then tagging in/out with their partners.

The six dishes they were tasked with are presented in the video below.

The eight cooks were split up into four teams. Dorian and Subha were one team, Liz and Michael were teamed up, Noah and Sarah were partnered, and the final team consisted of Sam and Shari.

This was a stressful competition to watch, as the cooks were really running around the kitchen a lot. It didn’t help that the three hosts were also ramping up the drama as they continuously asked the home cooks to “switch” in the challenge.

Who went home tonight on MasterChef?

The video above shows one huge mistake that was made in the kitchen, but it didn’t lead to Subha getting eliminated. That might have been the most shocking moment of the entire episode.

As for who went home tonight on MasterChef, the two home cooks who got eliminated were Liz Linn and Michael Silverstein.

MasterChef airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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