MasterChef recap: Season 10, Episode 3 sends two home cooks out the door

MasterChef Season 10 Episode 3
MasterChef cooks from Season 10 watch dishes being made. Pic credit: FOX

MasterChef Season 10, episode 3 was the first real competition night of the season. The first two episodes had been about auditioning for the judges.

Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich decided on who they felt were the top 20 home cooks ready to compete on this season. On Wednesday night, they started getting into the main part of the competition.

The top 20 would be taking on their first Mystery Box Challenge during this episode. Who would showcase the best skills of the 2019 cast?

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MasterChef episode 3 recap

Before getting to the Mystery Box Challenge, it was time for a culinary class from Gordon Ramsey. The challenge itself was called a Culinary Bootcamp and it followed Ramsey showing some basics on cooking. Could they all learn how properly fillet a fish?

The top 20 contestants were each given 10 minutes to dice three onions, fillet a fish, and separate three dozen eggs. Immunity was on the line, meaning it could provide safety from the Elimination Challenge later in the episode.

Mystery Box Challenge

When the cooks uncovered their mystery ingredients, it revealed scallops, pork chops, and rack of lamb.

The 10 home cooks that had to deal with the Mystery Box Challenge had a lot of problems. It was a dramatic sequence of events as they tried to finish plating, as shown in the clip below from the show.

Would the plating lead to one of them going home?

The Contestants Scurry To Finish Plating | Season 10 Ep. 3 | MASTERCHEF

Liz Linn, Evan Tesiny, Deanna Colon, Kenny Palazzolo, and Wuta Onda were selected by the judges as the bottom five from this competition. The judges also revealed that two of them would be going home.

Who went home on MasterChef Episode 3?

The first home cooks to be eliminated from Season 10 were Kenny Palazzolo and Deanna Colon. Gordon, Joe, and Aarón felt that they were the two who weren’t ready to compete this time.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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