Marvel’s Hero Project review: Sensational Jordan

Marvel's Hero Project
Sensational Jordan on Marvel’s Hero Project. Pic credit: Marvel

Disney+ launched on November 12 and Marvel’s first original feature series is not based on fictional superheroes, but instead features real-life heroes — children who use what makes them special to help others.

The first episode is a perfect example of what fans can expect from this new Disney+ series as it stars a 13-year-old girl named Jordan who has a limb difference.

Marvel’s Hero Project does one thing and it does it perfectly — it shows some amazing kids who overcame obstacles in their life to become extraordinary. Each episode tells their story and then Marvel honors them with a special comic book made telling their story.

For Jordan, she was born with limb difference, and to credit her parents, when she was born they both said that she was just fine and raised her to be a strong and determined little girl.

She then surpassed everything they even believed was possible. She became a cheerleader. She played t-ball and basketball. She did it all with a positive attitude.

“The fact that I have a difference is so cool and I can use it for so many cool things,” Jordan said. “I learned things differently than everyone else. I had to learn my own way. Just a little different.”

What changed her life was when she attended a workshop in San Francisco that challenged her to make something out of her disability and make a difference for those around her.

What she created was a device to put on her shortened limb, which she then used to shoot glitter. It was this glitter arm that she used when she appeared on the Rachel Ray Show and presented her idea to the hosts of Shark Tank.

She also gave a Ted Talk about using her differences for good.

The entire story is an amazing tale of a very special girl who has shown other kids that they can all make a difference in the world. Her goal is for the inventors of the future to create items that can work for everyone, regardless of disability.

Marvel has something special on its hands here. This is not a show about superheroes saving the universe. It is a show about real superheroes, and children at that — the people who heroes of the future will one day look back and say they influenced them to try something special as well.

This is Marvel’s Hero Project. The first episode aired on launch and the remainder of the episodes drops every Friday on Disney+.

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