Marvel killed Donald Glover’s Deadpool series, FX CEO says

Deadpool television series dropped by Marvel. Pic credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

It was back in 2018 that we learned that the animated Deadpool television series would not be moving forward, but we are now just getting the details as to why the project was dropped.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, John Landgraf reveals that it was Marvel who didn’t want to move forward with the project and since it’s their brand, they call the shots.

“Deadpool didn’t work out because Marvel didn’t want to make it. It didn’t fit what they wanted to do with Deadpool and it’s their brand and their decision,” he shared.

John Landgraf

In March of 2018, Donald Glover and his brother Stephen left the Deadpool television project, revealing that they would no longer be involved. The brothers were reportedly going to exec produce and serve as showrunners on the animated version of the blockbuster hit, Deadpool.

The movie starred Ryan Reynolds.

FX would later issue a statement revealing that the reason behind the now dead project was due to creative differences. Now, FX appears ready to point the finger at Marvel.

The creative differences weren’t necessarily because of the script either. Rob Liefeld, the comic book creator, reportedly loved the new script for the animated series. Last summer, he called Glover’s take on the character “brilliant.”

“I thought the whole thing was brilliant. And I really can’t say anything more than that or I’ll get into all sorts of trouble from every side,” Liefeld said last summer about the project.

“I mourn the loss of that entire project. Donald is a genius, and I’ll always wonder how that would have worked out. But Marvel says: ‘Rob, good things are coming.’ And good things have always come, so I’m gonna believe them and hang on for dear life,” he continued.

Rob Liefeld

After addressing the Deadpool issue at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, John Landgraf revealed that FX had ordered several documentary/reality series and documentaries.

These projects have not been announced yet, but he did reveal that they will be limited series and have compelling tones like much of the other scripted content offered on FX.

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