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Season 2 of Married by Mom and Dad sees more singles agree to get matched by their parents

Married by Mom and Dad
Tahnee is single and ready to be Married by Mom and Dad

Married by Mom and Dad is back for a second season and a new set of singles are ready to get matched up by their parents.

The season premiere introduces us to four individuals who have been unlucky in love and are willing to let their parents find the right one for them.

One of the singles is 30-year-old Tahnee, a company administrator who has no idea why she is still single.

Tall, dark and hansome plus a Christian and family orientated…can’t be that hard to find?

Her biological mom thinks her giving nature might be the problem as she expects too much back in return for all that she gives, being a very loving woman. Her stepmom agrees and reckons she is ready to meet someone as all her friends are married or in serious relationships.

Tahnee is basically looking for a tall, dark and handsome Christian man with family values, a sense of adventure and ambition.

I don’t know about you guys but I’d rather of cut off a digit than let my mom or dad choose my girlfriend, never mind bride! But hey, I guess it takes all sorts and let’s hope it works out well, I am sure it will entertaining if nothing else.

Watch Married by Mom and Dad – Meet My Family at 10 PM on TLC.

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