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Married at First Sight’s Ryan Buckley: ‘I’m not cool with being told I can’t go out’

Things get heated on Married at First Sight this week as couple Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley argue about the future of their marriage — with Ryan adamant that someone telling him he can’t go out is not something he’s “cool with”.

The pair have the tense heart-to-heart with just three weeks to go before the Season 6 couples have to make their final decisions as to whether to remain married or go their separate ways.

But temperates rise when Ryan insists he’s not ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle. During their conversation, Jackie tells him he sometimes needs to put her in front of going out and spending time with the boys, especially at times when she really needs him there for support.

Jaclyn and Ryan on Married at First Sight
Jaclyn during the argument and Ryan talking to Married at First Sight producers about how he really feels

She says: “I feel like we definitely do admire each other in a lot of ways and we respect each other but it doesn’t always feel that way, like, for instance like last night where it’s like I don’t know if I feel loved and cherished right now because I’m sick and you want to be out instead of being with me. So the times where I do feel like I need you, it’s important that you’re there.”

But Ryan knows where he stands on the issue, and he’s not about to be told what to do. He says in an interview with producers: “I had a few drinks with the boys and then I came back home after the meeting and then, you know, wanted to go out and hang out with all of my buddies and kind of, like, de-stress, and it was ‘nope, you’re not doing it. Don’t go out. You’re not allowed to go out tonight.’

“I’m like, no-one can tell me that. Like, I don’t ever want anyone telling me I can’t go out. It’s just not something I’m cool with.”

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Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.