Married at First Sight: Watch 15-minute clip as couples go on honeymoon No2

Tom and Lillian kiss ahead of their second honeymoon — on his bus — as Married At First Sight reaches its climax
Tom and Lillian kiss before their second honeymoon as Married At First Sight reaches its climax

On Married at First Sight this week, the couples go on a second honeymoon to try and decide once and for good whether their marriages are going to work — with Tom and Lillian going away in his BUS.

Watch a 15-minute clip from the episode below as the couple as well as Nick and Sonia discuss their feelings with one week left of the experiment.

It’s been five weeks since the couples were married at first sight, and while Heather and Derek have already decided to go for a divorce, it’s make or break time for the couples.

Tom and Lillian seem the strongest relationship of all, but both are concerned that their different approaches to life — him being laid-back and her being full-throttle when it comes to work — could affect them in the future.

Both admit they are head over heels for each other. Lillian admits this week: “I am falling in love with Tom, and it’s really scary.” Tom also says: “I am definitely growing in love with Lily.”

But if Lillian continues to be wired into work the whole time, that is a big threat to the essence of who Tom is. He says: “If I make the decision to stay with Lillian, I’m scared of losing sight of who I am.”

To help them make their final decision the relationship experts task them to go on a second honeymoon — and Tom manages to convince Lillian to spend a few days with him in his bus — with just limited use of technology.

Meanwhile, Sonia has still not moved back in with Nick, and he admits: “I’m scared because our marriage might be over.”

Sonia says she sees so much good in Nick and could see them being together, but she adds: “I’m scared that we only have a week left, so I’m thinking can I trust him with my emotions, and with my future? I don’t know.”

Nick adds: “This last week that we have, it’s crucial.”

The couple head to the Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort to try and see if they can iron out their differences.

Watch the 14-minute clip below from the make-or-break episode.

Forsaking All Others8:45 PM on FYI, 1 hr 16 min 2016 TV-14
The couples go on a second honeymoon in a final attempt to spark romance.

Give the couples a chance to focus on each other.


Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8.30/7.30c on FYI.

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