Married at First Sight: Tristan Thompson’s fiance has some words for his ex-wife Mia Bally

Tristan Thompson and his fiance Rachel Ashley
Rachel is not happy about the fact that Mia is talking about Tristan, and she is not holding back. Pic credit: @RachelAshleyy_/Instagram

Tristan Thompson’s fiance Rachel Ashley is a ride or die for her man. Rachel took to her Instagram story to let it be known that she didn’t appreciate Mia Bally trash-talking Tristan when she shared her side of the story regarding her infamous arrest and her marriage to Tristan.

Rachel started by saying,

The first and last time I will acknowledge this bulls**t: I am the first to acknowledge that the difficulties, situations, etc. of my past caused me to develop some toxic habits in order to survive and continue whatever it is I needed to do, be it school, work, or both…With that being said, that sh*t is in the PAST. I’m not a product of my past, nor are YOU. Live your best life, make peace with it, move on gracefully, work on a better you every day, and don’t look back. Become an advocate volunteer, or maybe donate your “fit tea” discount code dollars to a worthy cause.

Rachel addresses Mia on Instagra
Rachel started off letting Mia know that even though they had a lot in common, they handle things way differently. Pic credit: Instagram/RachelAshleyy_

Rachel then continued and threw some shade Mia’s way.

“HOWEVER, I will not tolerate the slandering of someone else’s name and a (fabricated) story gain PITY CLOUT. Especially when the person who’s name is being dragged in the stories is living their own separate life and not even thinking about you, and a less than 2-month experience. So, why do YOU keep bringing them up? Oh, it gets you attention, it gets you likes/comments and a blue checkmark on your IG.”

Rachel then said,  “My point is: at the end of the day if all you have going for yourself is desperately trying to remain semi-relevant by bringing up stories that inaccurately illustrates another person’s character…then that is a miserable life you choose to live and that time and energy could be better spent investing in a more sustainable profession. In Other Words: if keeping my man’s name (or the implied subtext)in your mouth keeps your lights on, food in your fridge, and your bills paid…that’s your hustle boo. Just keep in mind, that sh*t gets old real fast…and you should probably look for another revenue stream (show).”

Rachel goes off on Mia
Rachel did not mince her words while telling Mia to keep her man’s name out of her mouth. Pic credit: Instagram/RachelAshleyy_

Rachel concluded, “…and Honey I have trauma. Oh, can I write THE self-help-inspirational novel of trauma survival. But, the difference is, I chose to serve my community quietly, serve, assist, help, encourage, and others and not post about it…imagine someone posting about you, when you were at your lowest…in order to inspire others. Nah. You can still serve quietly and generate the same impact. Good Night.”

Rachel replying to Mia
Rachel concluded her rant by defending Tristan. Pic credit: Instagram/RachelAshleyy_

Rachel then moved on to more pressing matters, like choosing her wedding cake.

Rachel's Instagram post about her wedding cake
After reading Mia, Rachel gave the ultimate hair flip and discussed wedding cake flavors. Pic credit: Instagram/RachelAshleyy_

Last month, Mia told her version of the events that led up to her infamous arrest, including alleged abuse by her ex-boyfriend who she was accused of stalking.

In telling those events, she discussed her marriage to Tristan, saying that he continuously threw her arrest in her face, and made sure to include that he also has a mugshot from his past. That obviously didn’t sit well with Rachel or Tristan, who, up until this point, had been pretty quiet about his tumultuous marriage.

Tristan and Mia were married at first sight on Season 7 of the popular show of the same name. They had great chemistry at the wedding, but while trying to catch a flight for their honeymoon, Mia was arrested on a fugitive warrant for allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend.

After being released and reunited with her new husband, Mia failed to be forthcoming about the circumstances, and Tristan never got to a point where he could fully trust her. That caused a lot of turmoil in the relationship, and at one point, Tristan told Mia to get out of his home.

Viewers were obviously surprised when the couple decided to stay married on Decision Day. In Mia’s version, she claims that she felt betrayed that Tristan constantly brought up her arrest when he also had been arrested before.

Tristan spoke exclusively with Monsters and Critics and said that he and Mia knew before Decision Day that the marriage was over. He said that he only agreed to stay married because he was a gentleman and she was freaking out about the divorce being on TV. But the second the cameras turned off, he left for Houston without Mia.

Since then, Tristan has become engaged to Rachel Ashley and moved back to Dallas. The couple seems very happy together, frequently posting pictures of themselves on Instagram.

Married at First Sight returns in January 2020 on Lifetime.

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