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Married at First Sight star Shawniece gave lap dance at her wedding and fans aren’t happy

Shawniece Jackson gives Jephte Pierre a lap dance at wedding reception on Married at First Sight
Jephte looks on wide-eyed as Shawniece gives him a lap dance at their wedding reception on MAFS

Fans have blasted Married at First Sight star Shawniece Jackson after she gave husband Jephte Pierre a lap dance at their wedding.

The pair had only known each other for a matter of hours before Shawniece made a “special request” to the DJ at their reception so she could give him a lap dance.

Jephte — who revealed on the season premiere that he has been shy since he was a kid — is then seen sitting nervous and wide-eyed as Shawniece gyrates in front of him.

He says: “Normally I’d be cool with a lap dance, but my mother was right there!”

Jephte looking wide-eyed as he gets his dance
Jephte’s expression as he gets his lap dance while his mom looks on

Fans took to the show’s Facebook page to comment about the moment. One said: “Why the lap dance at the wedding in front of his family? Girl, you don’t even know who you’re dealing with yet!”

Married at First Sight Facebook comment

Another added: “Girl you should saved the lap dance for honeymoon…that was disrespectful to do that at the reception..where are your morals and dignity?”

Married at First Sight Facebook comment

Another said: “Lap dances at your wedding reception when you’ve just married a complete stranger and he and his family don’t even know you…classy .”

Married at First Sight Facebook comment

The moment comes after Jephte’s mom Laura — who last week revealed she wasn’t keen on him marrying a total stranger — interrupted the couple’s wedding ceremony to say her piece.

Watch our exclusive clip from this week’s Married at First Sight episode below, as she brings proceedings to a halt by standing up and saying: ““Everybody, wait…this is my son!”

Last week she told Jephte getting married to a total stranger was not a “game”. She added: “You need a lot of prayer!” Jephte previously revealed he is unsure how his marriage can work unless he has the support of his mom.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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