Married at First Sight Season 9 premiere recap: Nice To Marry You times two

Deonna and Greg wed on Married at First Sight
Deonna and Greg are excited about their union. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight has returned for Season 9 and now, four couples from Charlotte, North Carolina are getting married the first time that they meet.

The Lifetime series has seen some changes this time around, with a new night and a new relationship expert, so buckle up and get ready because it’s going to be a great season!

Right out the gate, Dr. Viviana Coles was introduced to viewers. This Houston, Texas-based relationship therapist will be replacing Dr. Jessica Griffin on the current season. From there, we jumped right into meeting the couples.

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Iris and Keith

Iris Caldwell is introduced first. She’s a 27-year-old virgin who is waiting for marriage. Iris calls herself a hopeless romantic.  Keith is also 27 years old and is a high school basketball coach.

Iris and Keith haven’t even met at this point in the show and already, it looks like they may bond over their commitment to service as Iris works for a non-profit and Keith considers himself a mentor.

Of course, we hear about Iris’ virginity over and over… and over. She even wears an “ultra white” wedding dress in hopes that Keith knows what that means when she walks down the aisle.

We can guarantee that he will not. In fact, did anyone else catch the condoms in his nightstand?

Elizabeth and Jamie

Elizabeth is a 29-year-old account executive who thinks she’s hilarious. She’s already admitted to being a daddy’s girl and even works for her father so this should be interesting.

Not to mention that she calls herself the “fun kind of crazy.” We’ll be the judge of that!

Jamie is a 35-year old technical consultant who is billed as “Mr. Picky.” During the opening scenes of this premiere, when Dr. Pepper did his home inspection, she found a picture of an ex-girlfriend in a frame so we’ll see just how well he does in a marriage to a stranger.

Jamie explained that he’s having a hard time finding the kind of woman that he wants to marry, which is why he signed up for Married at First Sight.

After he listed ALL the things he’s looking for in a woman, it’s pretty clear why he hasn’t found her yet. Buckle up Elizabeth, this could be a very bumpy ride!

Amber and Matt

Amber is a 27-year-old English teacher who calls herself a tomboy. She’s very down to Earth and made it clear that she’s not into makeup or “glitzy glamorous” stuff.

Amber did go into detail about her parents and told the story about how her mom left her dad and fell in love with a woman.

Matt is a 31-year-old professional basketball player. He says that he had a hard time finding love because he was too busy playing basketball overseas.

He’s also dealing with his parents’ divorce but it’s much fresher since they split after 31 years of marriage.

Deonna and Greg

Deonna is a 30-year-old operations manager who is “very, very single.” She hasn’t dated anyone for 10 years after getting very hurt by her very first boyfriend whom she thought was her first love.

She’s hoping that her Married at First Sight pairing will be her forever and is looking for a man who is into going to church and who is passionate and ambitions.

Greg is 32 years old and owns his own math learning center (which gives us total Tristan Thompson vibes).  He is very religious, which should make Deonna happy.

He even serves in his church and he’s hoping that his wife will have a desire to serve as well.

Dr. Calvin seems to think that Deonna and Greg are going to be the next Married at First Sight “power couple” so we’ll be keeping a close eye on that.

Preparing to get married to a stranger

With less than two weeks to prepare, all four couples begin telling their friends and family that they have been picked for Married at First Sight.

It was at her 30th birthday party Elizabeth’s dad paid for where she told him that she was getting married in two weeks. She braced herself for her dad to freak out and seemed really shocked when he didn’t.

Instead, Elizebeth’s dad said he supported her and he looked happy to marry her off even though he has no idea who she’s getting married to.

Elizabeth’s mom seems thoroughly amused that her daughter is marrying a man that she’s never met before. Is it possible that her parents are relieved that she’s finally settling down?

She threw out a “bless his heart” and we all know what that means!

Then, Elizabeth’s mom said, “He doesn’t know what he’s getting into, does he?”

Well, at least this should be good for ratings.

When Jamie sat his parents down to give them the good news, his dad couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t have a clue what she looks like until she walks down the aisle.

His mom looked thoroughly shocked, calling the idea of marrying a stranger “insane.” Jamie’s parents could be one of the highlights this season.

When it comes to Deonna’s parents, they also seemed completely shocked. Her dad even looked like he choked on his dinner when she shared the news and her mom called her “crazy.”

Her sister spilled the beans, saying she can’t wait to see this because she’s never even seen Deonna in a relationship before.

Greg told his mom the news over the phone so we didn’t get to see her face and that’s disappointing. She seemed concerned about whether her son’s wife would be pretty or ugly and also wanted to know if she was young enough to give him children.

Clearly, Greg’s mom wants some grandchildren so hopefully, Deonna is on board with that.

When it came to Amber, she told her family during a huge family dinner. While everyone seemed shocked by her news, they gave her a round of applause and seemed really excited for her.

Matt doesn’t have the same kind of family support as Amber and even admitted that he considered not telling his family at all.

After all, he hasn’t even talked to his dad in two years. Instead, he shared his news with his friend Devon, whom he asked to be his best man.

Iris plied her mom with dinner before breaking the news about her upcoming wedding plans. They are clearly very close and her mom was really excited to hear that a match was found for her.

When she told her dad the news on a video call, he wanted to know, “What the hell Y’all have been smoking?”

Her dad wasn’t happy at all about meeting Keith at the wedding and even said that’s not how it works. He’s clearly very old school and wanted his future son-in-law to be someone that he approved of.

Now let’s just hope he approves of Keith when they do meet.

Keith’s parents may have taken the news harder than any of the parents. When he told them he was getting married, Keith’s mom said she lost her appetite.

His dad asked if this was a “new thing in dating with millennials.” It’s going to be hard for Keith to get his parents on board with his upcoming marriage.

The day before the wedding

With dress and tux shopping out of the way, the brides and grooms meet up to celebrate their last night of freedom. While the brides all seem to bond over their crazy decision to get married, the grooms can’t seem to find anything to talk about and it is awkward!

Elizabeth made an impression on the other women when she showed up to their white outfit party in a bright red dress.

Then, when she found out Iris was a virgin, she referred to her as a “rare fossil” and we can’t imagine that will go over well when she watches the show.

While the women seem happy partying and enjoying their bachelorette party, the men talk about the “what ifs” and it doesn’t look like any of them are having a good time.

While the guys are taking shots of whiskey and making some incredibly tame toasts, the ladies are proving to be party animals, taking their celebration back to a house where they were entertained by three male strippers.

And while Iris seemed truly shocked by the wild party, the rest of them were living it up.

It’s the wedding day!

Deonna and Greg are the first couple to get married and as it gets closer to go time, Deonna is getting really nervous. Greg already showed how emotional he is about getting married, even coming to tears when his friends prayed over him.

Reminding us again that she hasn’t been in a relationship for 10 years, Deonna worries about opening herself up to Greg and getting hurt.

When he hears about how long she’s been single after the wedding, he looks worried… really worried.

When she starts making her way down the aisle, Deonna and Greg both think the other is attractive so they’re off to a good start.

On first impressions, Deonna and Greg really may have a successful marriage given their personalities and also their commitment to the church.

They seem to have a lot in common and while Deonna is very scared of getting hurt, Greg seems sensitive enough to take care with her heart.

Amber and Matt are the next couple to take the plunge and while he towers over her, she is taken in by how “cute” he is. In fact, she mentions it many times.

Despite their huge height difference, Amber declares that Matt is a great kisser and they seem to get along well. He is impressed with her knowledge of basketball and can’t seem to believe he was matched with a pretty wife who knows her stuff.

On the first impression, Amber and Matt also seem to have a great chance of success based on their attraction to each other and also, the number of things they have in common. Both want this to work so bad that it really just might.

We get teased with Elizabeth and Jamie’s wedding but like last season, the premiere episode for Season 9 of Married at First Sight only delivered two weddings.

So far, things are going pretty smooth but there hasn’t been a completely smooth season of the show yet so the drama is coming and we’re ready for it.

Will Elizabeth and Jamie like each other or are they both just too weird to get along? She seems pretty over-the-top but then so does he. And then there’s Elizabeth’s dad…

And what about Iris and Keith? Will he be happy to marry a virgin or will that scare him off?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on Lifetime. 

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