Married at First Sight reunion recap: Finally, news of a divorce or two and a baby surprise!

Dr. Jessica Griffin, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Robertson
After Season 7 of Married at First Sight ended, the relationship experts brought the couples back for an update. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 7 of Married at First Sight is over and the Dallas couples were sent on their way to see if they could make their marriages work without a camera crew following. On reunion night, the relationship experts brought the three couples back to catch up with them and to see how things were going.

Unlike the MAFS finale, the reunion show finally proved many of the MAFS spoilers to be correct. Last week, viewers tuned in expecting to see some fireworks but instead, each of the three couples decided to stay together but it didn’t last long!

Mia and Tristan

As Married at First Sight fans already knew, Mia Bally filed for divorce from Tristan Thompson on September 4. What we didn’t know is the reason why, which was explained on the reunion show.

It turns out that Mia and Tristan were still having a lot of trouble after cameras stopped rolling and literally the day after camera crews left, the pair got into their final fight over one of Tristan’s ex-girlfriends and Mia packed up her stuff again.

To make matters worse, Mia explained that three days after she left, she got a phone call from Tristan’s mom (not Tristan himself) where she tried to explain to Mia that Tristan has lots of girls throwing themselves at him. She advised Mia that she would have to toughen up, something that Tristan also told her during their last argument.

That wasn’t going to work for Mia so she left. Now, Mia and Tristan can’t seem to agree on who initiated the divorce first. Then again, they didn’t really agree on much. Maybe their split is for the best.

Tristan opened up about the colorism drama that plagued him earlier in the season. It was all based on the pre-marriage clip where he explained that he doesn’t want to marry a woman who is darker than him.

The comment understandably set off a firestorm but Tristan argues that he was taken out of context in a five-second clip and that he doesn’t hate himself and he loves his family very much. The moment was very emotional and Tristan broke down in tears, clearly hurt that so many thought he felt that way and attacked him for it.

Amber and Dave

Next up to sit in the hot seat with the relationship experts was a newly-brunette Amber. Her hair was a big deal all season as it made her insecure to learn that Dave loves brunettes and she was a natural brunette with ultra-blonde hair.

Many have asked for at least the back half of the MAFS season why she didn’t just dye it dark. Now Amber has but sadly, she and Dave already separated.

It turns out that Dave still has issues with being married to a woman that one of his gym friends dated. He is either following bro code to the letter or maybe he’s heard a few things about Amber that are problematic.

Dave told the relationship experts that he was blindsided by Amber moving out. So far, they are still not officially divorced but Amber is worried that Dave will never really fall in love with her and they are not living together.

It turns out that Amber packed up her stuff and moved out, leaving Dave to find her gone. At the reunion, Amber wanted to try again but the ball was in Dave’s court now.

When asked if he was willing to fight for their marriage, Dave hesitated for a very long time. Then he admitted that he just didn’t think that their marriage would make it.

At least both of them were calm and seemed to finally agree on something. They also both said that they’d always love the other even though their marriage was looking like another bust.

Danielle and Bobby

Unlike the other two couples from Season 7 of Married at First Sight, Danielle and Bobby are still going strong. In fact, Danielle admitted on the reunion that she and Bobby still have not had a fight.

When Bobby came out to the stage to join Danielle, the two looked perfectly matched. When asked if they are still married, no one even believed their long dramatic pause.

Finally, as the Season 7 Married at First Sight reunion show was going off the air, Danielle and Bobby announced that they are expecting. We all learned prior to the show that the MAFS couple are not only expecting but are also joining the new spinoff, Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After.