Married at First Sight preview: Couples explore their fantasies with some being more romantic than others

Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana share a romantic moment on Married at First Sight
Dave and Amber enjoy champagne and a carriage ride on Married at First Sight

This week on Married at First Sight, it looks like we’re finally getting past the Mia and Tristan drama, at least for now. Instead, the couples are tasked with talking about and even playing out some of their fantasies. Let’s just say that some of these couples want romance and others might be in for a bit more fun instead.

In the latest MAFS sneak peek, Dr. Jessica Griffin reveals that she has asked each of the couples to talk about their fantasies with each other. That results in a pretty funny clip.

It’s not clear what all of the fantasies are or if they’ll all even be shown but the three that we did get to see on MAFS are definitely interesting.

First, we see Danielle enter the bedroom wearing her hair down with a baseball cap on. When she walks in to see Bobby laying in bed, Danielle says, “I heard you like girls in hats.”

Clearly, Bobby does like girls in hats and it’s no secret that he’s really happy with his current marriage situation.

Next up are Amber and Dave. Clearly one of them has a Cinderella fantasy because the two can be seen riding in a horse-drawn carriage that looks like it was lifted straight out of a fairy tale.

As the pair clink champagne glasses and look into each others’ eyes, Dave and Amber actually look like they are into each other. Is this finally a breakthrough after dance lessons went wrong and Amber’s insecurities have threatened their budding relationship?

Last but not least, we saw Tristan and Mia acting out an interesting fantasy. It’s not clear which one of them has a donut fantasy but it’s worth noting that Tristan’s donut boxers were very interesting.

Mia admitted that she was way more excited about the actual donuts than she was about Tristan’s goofy getup. Is that what the experts meant when they asked the couples to talk about their fantasies?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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