Married at First Sight: Nick tells Sonia he doesn’t love her

Nick telling Sonia he doesn't love her on tonight's Married At First Sight
Nick telling Sonia he doesn’t love her on tonight’s Married At First Sight

On Married at First Sight tonight, Sonia is left in turmoil after Nick tells her he doesn’t love her.

Footage shows the pair lying together on a hammock, as he admits: “I think you’re an awesome person. But am I in love with you? No.”

It’s another stab in the heart for Sonia, who has been increasingly pushed away by Nick as the series rolls on.

Tonight she meets the in-laws, but says of Nick: “I am not getting anything from him. I’m just feeling like he’s closed off.”

Fans have been quick to jump to Sonia’s defense on the FYI Facebook page, accusing Nick of hurting her unnecessarily — with one branding him a “jerk”.


However, others think he’s just a bad communicator.

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Watch a preview below.

Also on tonight’s Married at First Sight, titled Better or Worse, Tom and Lillian don’t see eye to eye about the idea of having kids.

And Heather and Derek are at such odds that they have to make a call over whether or not they want to carry on.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8.30/7.30c on FYI.