Married at First Sight: Luke’s secret revealed when Kate calls Dr. Pepper for guidance

Kate Sisk calls Dr. Pepper and tells her a huge secret
Married at First Sight teased a huge secret that Luke was keeping and now, Kate spills the beans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Luke and Kate’s relationship has been rocky from the start but on the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Kate reveals that she’s been keeping a secret for Luke after making a call to Dr. Pepper.

It’s quite a shocker to hear Kate spills the beans on Luke, especially since he’s been acting so unattracted to her.

Prior to their mini-moon trip to the Poconos, Kate called Dr. Pepper because she had something that she really needed to get off her chest. She told the Married at First Sight relationship expert that she needed to confess a secret, one that Luke asked her to keep to herself.

That right there had MAFS fans wondering what on Earth she could possibly be ready to share. For weeks, viewers have been wondering if Luke Cucurrulo is gay.

After what Kate told Dr. Pepper, it looks like he clearly isn’t but some may still be left wondering.

What is Luke’s secret on Married at First Sight?

After a bit of hesitation, Kate tells Dr. Pepper that she and Luke have been having sex since their honeymoon. Who saw that coming?

Not only that, but she revealed that she and Luke have had sex “five or six times’ in the six weeks they’ve been married. However, Luke made Kate promise not to say anything about it to anyone and she also said he always acts really weird after and that bothers her.

Kate also told Dr. Pepper that she needs to talk to Luke about their sex secret and her plan was to urge him to talk to someone with her about it because it’s making her feel awful holding it all in.

Kate and Luke head to the Poconos

Luke and Kate headed off to their mini-moon in the Poconos with the other three couples and Luke did something else that could make Married at First Sight Fans mad — he made her carry her own luggage after she admitted that it was really heavy.

Despite Kate’s hesitation to come clean to Luke about what she told Dr. Pepper and the fact that he proved not to be a gentleman once again, the two headed off for their mini-moon and it looked like things were going really well.

During their trip to the waterfall, Kate and Luke really seemed to be bonding and having a good time but even Luke knew she was holding something back.

Despite his asking what was going on, Kate kept her conversation with Dr. Pepper to herself, waiting for the perfect time to bring it up, not that there would be one.

Luke freaks out on Kate

Right at the end of the episode as the couples were heading home from their three-day vacation, Kate finally opened up to Luke about what she did.

It was in the sneak peek for next week on Married at First Sight that we can see Luke and Kate in the car on their way home. It’s at that point that Kate tells Luke what she did and we can see that Luke was really angry.

He blasted Kate about not being able to trust her and as the teaser fades out, we can hear Kate break down sobbing.

With decision day coming up soon, it doesn’t look like this will end well for Kate.

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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