Married at First Sight exclusive interview: Kate Sisk on Luke, a boyfriend update and whether she’d do reality TV again

Kate Sisk in Mexico during her Married at First Sight update
Kate Sisk is a new woman since divorcing Luke Cuccurullo on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Kate Sisk had a rough time on Married at First Sight Season 8 as she struggled to make her marriage to Luke Cuccurullo work. The relationship was plagued with secrets, some really rough times and, ultimately, it ended in divorce.

Now that the season has ended, Monsters & Critics caught up with Kate and asked her a few questions about her experience as well as what she has been up to since the show.

While Kate did mention her new business, she certainly didn’t take the opportunity to plug it so we’ll do that for her here. In addition to her new man (which she’ll share an update about down below) and her promotion at work, Kate took a big risk and launched a lingerie company called Hidden Intimates with one of her close friends.

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After leaving Luke Cuccurullo in her past, Kate Sisk has clearly moved onward and upward. Here’s what she had to say about her relationship with Luke, the reason she tried so hard to make her Married at First Sight marriage work and whether we might see her on reality TV again in the future.

Monsters & Critics: Many times on the show, you said that Luke “checks all your boxes.” At the beginning of the season, you said you wanted a man with a beard but what else about him appealed to you? 

Kate Sisk: What appealed to me about Luke was his drive and creativity. He is a natural entrepreneur — a go-getter who isn’t afraid to take risks. This is something I was looking for in a partner — someone who understands this drive that I also have, and we could build an exciting life together.

M&C: Why, when there were clearly so many warning signs, did you stick around so long rather than calling it quits earlier?

Kate Sisk: I actually did try to call it quits earlier, and it was a big internal conflict for me. I think what kept me was never really knowing where Luke and I stood because of his lack of clear communication and his back-and-forth answers.

I also went into this thinking and hoping it would last — that if I worked hard enough at the marriage, I could make it work. I had a beautiful wedding, got legally married, moved into a new place with my husband. It’s really hard to just give up after a few weeks.

I decided to stick it out to the end after discussing divorce with Luke at one month, after hearing he wanted to keep trying. I wanted it to be mutual, and in the end it was.

M&C: Do you and Luke ever speak now that Married at First Sight is over for the season?

Kate Sisk: Luke and I no longer speak.

M&C: Do you still think Luke is gay or at least bisexual?

Kate Sisk: I have no comment on Luke’s sexuality. Whether his Facebook preference for both men and women was a joke or reality, I wasn’t happy with the way I was treated as his wife.

M&C: Can you tell us more about your new guy? Clearly, he makes you happy and that is so great. How is this relationship different and better than the last?

Kate Sisk: He is a great guy, but after a few months of dating, we realized we weren’t compatible for the long term. We are still friendly and I am enjoying being single, working on my career and my new business, and spending time with my family and friends!

M&C: Would you ever do reality TV again?

Kate Sisk: Absolutely! My MAFS marriage was a disaster, but I learned so much about myself and what I want out of a relationship and life. I am definitely a stronger person because of this experience.

M&C: Were you surprised by which couples divorced and which couples stayed together? Did you think Jasmine and Will would make it?

Kate Sisk: I am not surprised by which couples lasted because I was and still am close to the girls. We talk frequently, so over time it became clear who would stay together and who wouldn’t.

Married at First Sight Season 9 begins in June 2019 on Lifetime. 

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