Married At First Sight casting call — Marry a stranger in Philadelphia

Danielle and Bobby on Season 7 of Married at First Sight
While Season 7 of Married at First Sight airs, producers are casting for new couples in Philadelphia

Do you want to be on Married at First Sight? Does letting a panel of experts choose your mate and then marrying them the first time you meet sound like a great idea? If so, there’s a MAFS casting call just waiting for you!

The Lifetime series is looking to cast a whole new season of Married at First Sight and this time around, they’re coming to Philadelphia.

There are just a few rules in order to qualify for MAFS casting. Those who want to participate in the huge social experiment must appear between 26 and 35 years old. They must be from the Philadelphia area, single and ready to settle down.

If chosen to participate, MAFS couples are given eight weeks together to decide if they want to stay married or not. All the while, experts will weigh in on the relationship and try to help the couple achieve happiness and success.

Those interested in auditioning for Married at First Sight should note that the competition to get on the show is very high. In fact, producers claimed more than 50,000 applied to be a part of Season 7 in Dallas. From there, only three couples were picked to continue on down the aisle.

Do you have what it takes to marry a stranger or know someone who does?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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