Married at First Sight’s Ashley: ‘I’ll be devastated if marriage doesn’t work out’

Ashley looking nervous as she talks to the camera on Married at First Sight
A nervous-looking Ashley Petta on this week’s penultimate episode of Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight’s Ashley Petta reveals on tonight’s penultimate episode that she will be “devastated” if her marriage to Anthony D’Amico doesn’t work out.

The pair have been one of the most promising couples ever on the Lifetime show, and tonight’s show sees them head off on a camping trip for a second honeymoon.

It comes a week before the MAFS season finale in which the couples will have to decide whether they want to stay together or split up.

Ashley says: “I wanted this marriage to work out from the very beginning. I would be devastated if it didn’t.”

Anthony tells her: “We’ve got a week left of this thing, let’s make it as good as possible.”

Meanwhile, Cody Knapek — who recently said he felt like the “joke of America” after revealing his and Danielle DeGroot’s intimacy issues — says he hopes that the second honeymoon will help the pair move forward together.

He says: “I just hope this trip will get Danielle to change her mind on stuff.”

She adds: “We’re just going to give up because we’re not physical? Then why even bother working on all this stuff.”

And things are not looking good for  Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon, who says his marriage is “on the fence”.

She says: “I trusted Nate and he betrayed my trust.”

Married at First Sight airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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